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Our Journey from Nursing Students to Entrepreneurs

04 Dec 2023

The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge stands as an exceptional platform for those venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. Personally, we have always been captivated by the entrepreneurial realm, drawing inspiration from the success stories of local start-ups like Grab, Lumos and numerous others. The desire to forge our own start-up path has been a persistent calling.


When the Young Entrepreneurship Challenge presented itself, it felt like the perfect opportunity for us to seize and initiate our journey into entrepreneurship. Instead of dwelling on uncertainty of success or failure, our primary focus was on embracing the learning process and immersing ourselves in the entrepreneurial experience.


From enlightening workshops to the nerve-wracking Demo Day, the journey was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Each and every challenge became an opportunity for growth as we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones.


The workshops acted as our personalised guide into the business world, offering invaluable insights on launching a business from scratch. We delved into constructing a robust business model canvas (a blueprint of our business), shaping a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and created our very first business pitch deck. Additionally, with the guide of experienced mentors from Youth Ventures Asia, we were able to refine our pitch and learned to deliver it impactfully with compelling narratives and a captivating allure.


Apart from that, during these sessions, we were privileged to hear from a number of seasoned entrepreneurs who shared their experiences and best practices throughout their journey towards being successful entrepreneurs. Their stories did not only inspire us but further deepened our passion and desire towards building a successful start-up.


We had our fair share of challenges. Enduring rejections from investors and receiving critics on our business pitches proved to be tough hurdles, yet we embraced them as indispensable components of the entrepreneurial journey. Rather than being setbacks, these critics fueled our determination to refine not only our product and business model but also ourselves in the process. Building resilience became our forte, allowing us to face adversity with strength and fortitude. Learning to embrace mistakes emerged as a transformative skill, turning setbacks into valuable lessons that propelled our growth.

Our brainchild, MEDIVERSE

MEDIVERSE, our brainchild, is born out of a deeply personal and heartfelt mission. As nursing students, we have witnessed the fading dreams of many aspiring healthcare professionals and sadly, we have even lost friends along this challenging journey. In response to these profound experiences, our mission is to revolutionise the conventional and intricate study materials that often act as barriers to success.


Embracing a ‘by students for students’ philosophy, we aim to craft resources that transform complex information into easily digestible study guides. Through the integration of mind maps and visuals, we are not merely simplifying learning but creating an inclusive space catering to students of all learning styles. MEDIVERSE stands not just as an educational tool but as a beacon of accessibility, making the pursuit of healthcare education a journey that everyone can embark on with confidence and enthusiasm.


Our long-term vision reaches beyond serving just nursing students; we aspire to support students enrolled in various medical and health sciences programmes across Malaysia. Looking ahead, we plan to launch an innovative app that incorporates gamified quizzes, turning every student’s educational experience into an enjoyable and engaging journey. Apart from that, this app will also introduce cutting-edge note-taking software, fostering seamless learning not only within Mediverse but also during classroom sessions within their respective academic institutions. Our commitment is geared towards creating an environment where traditional learning transforms into a simplified, joyful, and enjoyable educational journey, catering to students of all learning styles.


In essence, the Young Entrepreneurs Challenge transcended being merely a competition; it became a transformative learning experience that adeptly equipped us for the thrilling yet demanding world of entrepreneurship. Now, with excitement bubbling within us, we look forward to launching MEDIVERSE successfully in the near future.

Written by Aishvarrya Lakshmi and Wisdom Furaha Adram, IMU Nursing students

The students were the 1st runner-up at the School of Health Sciences (SoHS) Entrepreneurs Challenges held at IMU’s Bukit Jalil campus on 11 October 2023.

 Reviewed by Dr Koh Rhun Yian, Dr Kok Yih Yih, Dr Wong Ting Xuan, Goh Lay Khim (May)

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