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Pharmacist Advances Her Clinical Pharmacy Skills with IMU’s Master in Pharmacy Practice

29 Jun 2020

The changing landscape of our healthcare system and an increasing demand for improved healthcare delivery has transformed the practice of healthcare. From innovations and technology, to changing demographics and new regulations, the healthcare landscape is definitely in a constant state of reinvention. With these constant changes  and expectations for an enhanced quality of treatment, the modern-day healthcare industry is requiring healthcare professionals with advanced skill sets. With this in mind and to meet the demands of the healthcare system, IMU offers a Master in Pharmacy Practice (MPP) programme, which provides a platform for pharmacists to further improve their Clinical Pharmacy skills. With the idea of developing her clinical pharmacy knowledge in ward management, especially in terms of supervising the medication use and prescribing, always at the back of her mind, an IMU alumna, Sharmila A/P Brabaharan, made her  decision to advance her clinical pharmacy skills and continue her studies at the postgraduate level. Currently working as a pharmacist at Klinik Kesihatan Sungkai, Perak, Sharmila studied her undergraduate degree programme, a twinning MPharm Degree at IMU and University of Strathclyde, completing her undergraduate studies in 2016. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Sharmila then went on to do her Provisional Registered Pharmacist training in Hospital Kajang for a year and continued to work there for another year to serve her compulsory service with the government. After getting her licence to practice as a pharmacist, she was posted back to Hospital Kajang where she worked as a clinical pharmacist in a paediatric ward for 8 months before she was transferred to Klinik Kesihatan Sungkai. However, Sharmilia has always wanted to be more competent in patient management and strive for more optimal healthcare management and patient adherence, making her decision to do her postgraduate studies at IMU to be like a perfect plan.  A sense of familiarity drove her to do her postgraduate studies at IMU. “I am familiar with the learning environment here, especially the lecturers. Being an alumna also has its perks”, she added. Sharmila is passionate with her research interest, where she intends to be actively involved in diabetes management in paediatrics and develop better formulation besides injection. Ultimately, she aims to be a clinical pharmacist specialising in paediatrics and be involved in diabetes management of patients. Sharmila added, “Doing this programme part-time has its own challenges and benefits. However, as IMU MPP  prepares a conducive environment for my studies and allows flexible timetable in accordance to online learning in the midst of this COVID situation, I would highly encourage those who wants to undertake a master programme in healthcare to consider IMU.”

About Master in Pharmacy Practice programme
 It is a well-known fact that, the Master in Pharmacy Practice programme was the first of its kind to be offered in a Malaysian private university. The main four areas of specialisations (Clinical  Pharmacy, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management or Clinical Research) which includes research, is the key in making this programme unique.  This programme is offered in blended mode,  where students can study online during week days and have face-to-face sessions during weekends. The part-time option allows for working pharmacists, to continue  practice whilst undertaking postgraduate education. For IMU Alumni, the programme offers a  25% bursary for self-funding students, based on the eligibility criteria while a bursary of RM12,000 is available for international students.

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