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Pursue What You Believe, and Believe What You Pursue

14 Feb 2018

My superhero idol is Ironman – the inspiration and reason I am where I am today. I adore Ironman because of his dedicated passion in saving and helping people despite him not having any superpowers compared with other superheroes. My initial plan to pursue a Biomedical Science degree bears the same passion – to save and help people with the knowledge and power that I will be getting through this programme. While going through this three-year intensive programme at IMU, I was very much intrigued by one specific module – Lab Management, which prompted me to pursue business related industries. I have the belief that I can help many people and their families by creating more jobs in the marketplace and contribute to the society through businesses. Through recommendation by a close friend, I joined HSBC’s Management Development Programme (“MDP”) that granted me access to different business practices while learning the ropes in the business world. The journey in the banking industry has not been a smooth sailing one since I came from a non-business and non-finance related discipline. Nevertheless, I persevered on, holding on to the mantra that “What does not kill you will make you stronger”. Fuelled by the curiosity and interest in finance and business, I signed up for the Certified Credit Professional course and other banking related courses to equip myself. Throughout my MDP journey in HSBC, I was grateful for the opportunity to represent HSBC Malaysia in Regional Graduate Development Programme in Hong Kong and Group Graduate Development Programme in the UK where I got to meet and engage with senior management and colleagues around the world, providing useful contacts for the future. The postings in different departments allowed me to understand the banking industry from various aspects as well as its overall function.

I am grateful that the Problem-based Learning (“PBL”) in IMU has provided a platform for me to think constructively, which has subsequently helped me in my career decisions. Active participation in extra-curriculum activities during my years in IMU also honed my negotiation, communication and project management skills.

For me, graduating with a degree is not the end of the journey in learning, it only signals the beginning of a brand new chapter of gaining knowledge in vast world out there. IMU has not only provided an arena of information, it also provides a platform for us to develop soft skills which are very crucial in any career. So do enjoy and make full use of the varsity years in IMU.

Pursue what you believe, and believe what you pursue. All the best!

Written by IMU Alumna, Cheong Yee Yi.

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