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Raising Awareness on Chinese Medicine to the IMU Community

13 Mar 2018

30 October to 1 November 2017 – The annual Chinese Medicine Week was organised at the IMU Bukit Jalil campus  with the aim of raising awareness and promoting knowledge of Chinese Medicine to both IMU community and the public. Chinese Medicine students from all cohorts, from the seniors to juniors, helped out in various activities  with guidance from lecturers. With everyone working together, the Chinese Medicine Week helped to strengthen bonds with everyone involved. It took approximately a month to plan and prepare for every aspect of the event including writing a proposal, budgeting, publicity, exhibitions, decorations, food and beverage, games and more. The Five Elements was selected as the theme to decorate the atrium where the event was held. Five potted plants were chosen and decorated in the middle of the atrium. These plants signify each of the seasons in accordance to Five Elements which are spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter. Besides that, a huge, round poster of Chinese Medicine Week was placed in between the five plants. Many lanterns were also hung to create a more festive atmosphere. Two display boards with more than 100 self-made compartments were placed near the entrance. These boards were decorated with real herbs and their functions stated under them. Common herbs in bottles and equipment used for Chinese Medicine therapies such as acupuncture, vacuum and fire cupping, moxibustion and skin scraping were also placed near the boards. These therapies were accompanied with written explanations for better understanding. Not only that, a large statue with meridians and acupoints was also displayed.

Students with sufficient knowledge were on duty at the exhibition boards, where visitors can enquire and clarify on anything related to Chinese Medicine. Visitors can also try out the equipment for therapies under supervision. Other exhibition boards have displays which include basic theories and diagnostic methods as well as history of Chinese Medicine which has information on famous physicians, books, school of thoughts and more.

Throughout the 3 days event, senior students conducted demonstrations on fire cupping, moxibustion and skin scraping. A Chinese Medicine lecturer also performed the fire cupping method on the second day of the event. Three students were involved in the demonstration with one student being the simulated patient; another student performing the therapy and a third student acting as a narrator of the process, explaining the procedures and functions as well as benefits of each method to the audience. After the demonstrations, interested individuals were able to try out the therapy. Their personal experience of these therapies will clear any doubts and suspicions about Chinese Medicine therapy. Furthermore, people also learned about the various therapies and their procedures and functions. A variety of food such as herbal eggs, herbal jelly, soya jelly, osmanthus jelly, Luo Han Guo tea and Aloe Vera tea were sold at the event. Other than that, glutinous rice ball called Tang Yuan was sold for the first day, red bean soup with sweet potatoes was sold for the second day, and white fungus and pear soup was sold for the third day. As with previous years, Tuina massage including cupping remains the most popular activity during Chinese Medicine Week. Students in this service were trained in performing Tuina, practicing their skills and techniques on their lecturers during their free time. Herbal plasters and massage creams were also sold. Besides that, a ‘wishing paper’ service was also provided where the customer obtains a short paper strip and writes down his or her wishes to be suspended on the five plants. Other services provided include ear acupressure and diagnosis service.

Many games were designed for the event with the aim to promote knowledge and insight into Chinese Medicine. These games include flipping cards with herb picture, recognising acupoints of different meridians and knowing herbal formulas and herbs. Rewards for players include discount voucher for all food and services during Chinese Medicine Week and free ‘wishing paper’ service coupon.

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