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Stay Focused and Be Positive!

12 May 2020

A faculty member of the IMU Nursing Division, School of Health Sciences, Chang Woan Ching obtained her Masters of Nursing in 2014 from Open University Malaysia. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD at Asia e-University, Malaysia. Chang has been in the healthcare industry for the past 13 years and nursing education for 7 years. During this time, she obtained several awards including the Sijil Merit Sempena Virus Nipah (UMMC), the best Nursing Faculty Award (IMU) and the best Leadership Community Cares Award (IMU). Her area of specialty is in critical care nursing. Other than her teaching role, she is also involved in research supervision of undergraduate students. Chang’s research interests include nursing clinical practice and nursing technology-based education.  She has presented her research work in various local and international conferences.

What made you decided to join nursing?
Those days, it was the nurses’ white uniform, looking like an angel, that attracted me to become a nurse. Secondly, it was the job security that nursing offered. After my training completed, I realized it was the daily actions in nursing that keep me happy to be with the patients. I was in clinical back then, and now I am in education and research. There is so much for me to contribute, and I never regret joining nursing.
How do you see nursing for millennials?
It is different for the millennials because the expectations are different. As such, Faculty must change the way of teaching- it is a 2-way teaching and learning process because the millennials would want to have their voices heard. Of course, the millennials must see nursing as a positive image. It is about promoting health, saving life and keeping the patient’s dignity. It is about being an educated nurse with critical thinking in caring for the patient.
What is your motto in life?
Nothing is impossible if we stay focused and be positive.

Interviewed by: Yee Bit-Lian Edited by: Lim Swee Geok

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