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Mental Health Week 2020: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

20 Oct 2020

“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos”  Donna Karan, DKNY Fashion Designer 

In these unprecedented times, we are all thrown into chaos and confusion. We heedlessly become immersed in sorting out the unexpected disarray in our lives, so much so that we tend to neglect the importance of our inner peace. The Peer Supporters Club at IMU recognised the need to feel this gap, and we organised a plethora of fun-filled activities for every Malaysian citizen to join us in discovering the beauty of serenity, with our theme Stay C.A.L.M.

Four main components of achieving calmness were explored
Compassion Altruism Living in the Moment Mindfulness

We, the Peer Support Club, would like to express our utmost gratitude to you for embarking on this journey to mental health discovery with us in Mental Health Week 2020, where we are proud to announce that we received a tremendous amount of participants from all over Malaysia. We hope you had enjoyed our activities as much as we had fun organising them specially for you. Our How to be Your Best Self Talk, Stay CALM Live Chat and Art Therapy Workshop have received plausible participation, and we are deeply grateful and humbled to have such unrelenting support from our participants. We would also like to express a special token of gratitude to our moderators and guest speakers who had helped tremendously with the flow of each event and made it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Mental Health Week (MHW) 2020 Events
How to be your best self in a time of crisis Workshop
Stay C.A.L.M Live Chat
Art Theraphy Workshop
Online E-Hearts Send free e-cards to your loved ones
MHW 2020 Online Competition Poetry, Digital Art or Photostory
Myth Buster Quiz Answer a short MCQ Quiz in Google form
#kindfetti Challenge Share a randon act of kindness on Insta/FB
Les Pierres Brillantes Let go of the stone in your heart & write your thoughts to us
MHW 2020 & Psychology Week  Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving

The Online E-Hearts Event as well as the Les Pierres Brillantes, received a lot of responses, and we had a fun time designing and sending the E-Hearts to the participants’ loved ones, receiving very positive feedback from both senders and recipients. We were also thrilled to read every piece of Les Pierres Brillantes, and we sincerely hope our dear participants will achieve their dreams.

Our Myth vs Truth posts began with quite an entrance, where it became one of the most popular posts of our social media page, and we were delighted to receive many brave attempts to win the mind-bending quiz. Our social media challenge, #kindfetti, was well-received. We were excited to witness the spirit of compassion blanketing Mental Health Week 2020 throughout this activity. We truly had fun with you in Mental Health Week 2020. Once again, a million tokens of gratitude and we hope to see you in our future events!

Written by Aishah AS Kamal

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