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Student Mobility Programme: IMU Students Go Global!

24 Jul 2013

At the International Medical University, the Student Mobility Programme is designed for its students to pursue a study visit, internship, research or elective module at other universities, research institutions, hospitals or industries abroad. As a student who joins this programme, you will have a chance to obtain an international experience that will greatly enhance your learning, gain better understanding of your study area and provide an opportunity for you to experience a different perspective on your academic subjects.


Norazlina Rahmat, who undertook a two-month research internship at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore with two other IMU students, said “We were very thankful that we were given a chance to work in Duke-NUS laboratory during our internship period. This internship has taught us so much in many aspects especially in mastering laboratory skills. The supervisors and colleagues have guided and supervised us throughout the internship period. The guidance that was given assisted us in further developing our technical, presentation and communication skills.  The whole experience was truly amazing and unforgettable.”

pathologyCommenting on their experiences, Lum Kah Yean, Rebecca Kee, Lim Hui Hui and Chew Yean Ming said, “As final year biomedical science students, we were given this opportunity to undergo our practical attachment in Taiwan. National Chiayi University is one of the oldest universities in Taiwan. Professor Chen who is an expert in cancer research had planned our sub-research projects and supervised us till the end of our placement. In the laboratory, our duty was to assist the laboratory assistants, complete the sub-projects, and at the same time attend classes and seminars which were relevant to our project. We found that through those classes, we could strengthen our social networks by meeting new friends from the same field. We are glad that we were able to work with experienced seniors as they helped us a lot in broadening our knowledge and boosting our interest to learn.” Participating in this highly rewarding yet challenging learning opportunity will provide students a great opportunity to live and work in an international setting, make new friends and maybe even learn to speak a foreign language.  Students can expand their professional experience, greatly enhance their job prospects globally and enrich their life experiences. The experience abroad has also given students the opportunity to enhance personal and intellectual maturity through inculcating flexibility, resilience, cross-cultural communication skills, the ability to adapt to new circumstances, and to deal constructively with differences.


Left to Right: Dr Kamal Nepali, Wang Junyi, Dr Jas Gurung, me and Dr Bhatterai


Patient’s daughter, Bosanthi and I

“I have no regrets conducting my selectives in Nepal, even though there were times that were difficult and uncertain, it has made this experience all the more richer. Comparing healthcare between Malaysia and Nepal, I am proud to say that Malaysia is not doing too badly in terms of providing adequate quality care to its people. Nonetheless, we still have much room for improvement,” said Eunice Ong Song-En who did her medical selective assisting the underprivileged in Nepal.

3Ng Zhii Yee,a Nutrition and Dietetics student who participated in a group visit to Bangkok to observe the food service operation in two of the top private hospitals, said “An enjoyable and unforgettable learning experience; blessed with great hospitality in the Land of Great Smiles. Appreciate the opportunity given to broaden our perceptions and to understand that much more could be done to upgrade the standard of patient care through food service.”

It is hoped that in the coming years, more and more students will enjoy more benefits of the Go Global – Student Mobility Programme!

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