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YOU are the Sum of Your Health

02 Apr 2016

The current modality of treatment in hospitals is to do what your doctor tells you, take the medicine he prescribes, and come back for a follow-up, only to be told to repeat the same steps over. At no time in the process does a patient learn how to help him/herself. At IMU Healthcare, we try very hard to talk and walk our patients through their health issues, towards the end goal of better health for each individual. DSC_4898 We are able to do this partly because of our multi-disciplinary team. This means that although you may visit us in order to see a particular specialist, you may end your health journey being treated by another doctor. Our comprehensive medical analysis and review takes into account every aspect of your condition. So it’s not unusual that you may see our chiropractor for a nagging backache, but in the course of your wellness journey may be placed in the care of a podiatrist. You may ultimately end up seeing experts from our dietetics department the most, if the underlying cause of your bad back is an unresolved weight issue. Chiro We are able to move you seamlessly through our network of healthcare professionals thanks to a technology-enabled network which makes it easier for doctors to share information with each other. With a strong multi-disciplinary team of allied health care professionals and care coordinators, we are able to refer you to the specialist best suited to care for your most pressing health issue at present time. We know that as time goes on, you may require a different level of treatment, or indeed, may need to see a different doctor altogether. We will arrange that for you too, but not before we help you understand your progress and the next steps in your wellness journey. Chinese Med One of the things you may find different about us is the time we have for you. We take communication seriously, and we want our patients to feel comfortable enough to ask their doctors all the questions they want to in order to truly understand what is happening with their bodies and health. Our emphasis on patient education means that treatment plans are always discussed with you. In doing so, we will be able to find out how much your current habits and lifestyle need to be adjusted in order for you to see a change. Knowing that change is one of the hardest things to affect, we are committed to helping you take little steps towards the end goal; instead of dumping a list of ‘must-do’ things on you, to handle as best as you can, without support. Once you understand why changes need to be made, and are ready to make a commitment to taking the first steps towards that change, you’ll be ready to undertake a treatment plan. Again, you will have continuous support. We feel that by assuring you of a support system, you will be more aware of the role you play in the management of your condition. This in turn makes you more proactive about the things you need to look out for, such as daily checks for blood sugar levels or blood pressure, and your level of activity, or food intake. Dental The check-and-balance modality ensures you take responsibility for the things that impact on your health. By establishing a base line of good health-monitoring habits, you are already one step closer to better health. These little victories will spur you on to tackle larger challenges, such as breaking a pattern of food abuse, or making you aware of the need to take more breaks from your desk job in order to stretch impacted back muscles. With small changes in place, it is just a matter of building up a regime of good health habits, such as stress management and exercise. Knowing that you have a team behind you provides comfort, as well as drive. And because we address health from both the physical and mental aspects, you can be assured we will continue to be your partner on your journey to wellness. So if you are looking for comprehensive health treatment with heart, look no further than IMU Healthcare. Because we see you as who you want to be, not as you are. This article is brought to you by IMU Healthcare.

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