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The Journey of IMU Medicine Alumni

21 Dec 2023

Embarking on a career in medicine is an arduous journey which demands unwavering dedication and perseverance. However, the gratification lies in the knowledge that one’s acquired skills are employed in assisting individuals and communities during their time of need. Numerous individuals have chosen to commence this journey at IMU.


Upon completing their medical degree at the institution, they nostalgically reflect on their time there. As they navigate the dynamic landscape of medicine, these graduates carry the knowledge and values imparted by IMU, contributing meaningfully to the global healthcare community.


3 graduates of this programme share their educational journey and experiences here.

Chia Xin Yi

Commencing my journey at IMU in the Foundation in Science programme with the aspiration of becoming a medical student marked a significant transition, distinctly different from the reality of being an actual medical student.


My experience here is one that has been an incredibly eye-opening and transformative journey. It’s a rigorous and demanding path that challenges not only one’s intellect but also their resilience and empathy.

Though knowledge and hard work are certainly required, there is also a constant need of curiosity and interest in this field.


As I transitioned into clinical years, I had the privilege of working with patients and seeing firsthand the impact of medical care.

These experiences were a stark reminder of the human aspect of medicine, as I learned to communicate with patients, understand their fears, and provide compassionate care.


With its clinical campuses in Seremban and in Johor, IMU provides an amazing opportunity for medical students to learn and understand not only the theory and application of medicine, but also the slight yet noticeable difference in culture and patients between the states which is important in brushing up one’s soft skills required as a future medical professional.


Some advice I find to be particularly useful during my time as a medical student is to not be afraid to approach your seniors. In all honesty, seniors are extremely helpful in providing guidance not only in the studying part of medical school, but they also provide tips on small details in pre-clinical and clinical years that are vital in surviving and even flourishing in medical school. Of course, try not to bother them too much especially during their exam periods, but otherwise, most seniors would be more than happy to help and guide you as much as they can.


All in all, always remember that medical school is not just about studying. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, and your life too!

Aishath Janaan Ahmed

Aishath Janaan Ahmed has graduated with her MBBS degree and is awaiting internship and further studies in the field of medicine. She intends to pursue postgraduate studies in the future and become a valuable doctor in the community.


One important take-away message from her would be that good friends who mean well are hard to come by in medical school, so when you meet the right people, hold on to them. You also know more than you think you know so believe in yourself and aim for the best.

Heng Hian Jie

Student’s experience at IMU

My experience at IMU has been incredibly eventful. IMU has afforded me opportunities to participate in various events and competitions that pushed my capabilities to the limit. I was actively engaged in IMU CUP 2019, IMU Cares Kg Tekir Project, IMU Surgical Society, IMU Emergency Medicine Society, and many other endeavors. The well-structured teaching and clinical training at IMU have played a pivotal role in my personal growth and ignited my passion for the field of surgery. Overall, IMU has prepared me adequately before entering the healthcare workforce.

What are you doing now?

I am waiting to start working as a houseman.

What are your plans for the future?

To pursue a career in surgery

Advice to future students

The grass is greener where you water it!

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