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Top Students Share Secret of Their Success at the IMU’s Convocation

11 Nov 2017

Kuala Lumpur, 4 November 2017 – Variations in human behaviour has always been a fascination to Yu Sue Mun. In order to understand this ‘mystery”, Sue Mun decided to study psychology at International Medical University (IMU). Having completed three years of study at IMU, Sue Mun will be graduating in November 2017 and is the top student of her cohort. “I was very excited as I could not believe that I finally have the chance to be the top student. I am very thankful to all the people who have helped me to achieve this. My lecturers are my source of inspiration. Apart from learning the theoretical knowledge from them, their sharing about their real life professional practices made a great impact on me. It is really inspiring for me to see how they could play a part in touching the lives of many within the community and I hope to be one of them one day.”

Sue Mun, who intends to pursue a Masters in the future added, “I believe my motivation was mainly guided by my principle of ‘do your best or don’t do it’. In the community, I really enjoy working with special needs population as it prompt me to reflect back a lot on myself and life in general. While working with the special needs population and their caregivers, it always reminds me to be grateful and appreciate what I have rather than taking things for granted. It is always nice to see how unique they are in their own way but sadly most people only tend to look at what this population is lacking. I always think that I learned more from them as compared to what I taught them.”

Sue Mun is one of the 450 students who are receiving their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at the IMU Convocation Ceremony on 4 November 2017. She is also one of the students who received awards for outstanding achievements at a Prize Presentation Ceremony held on 3 November 2017 to celebrate the academic excellence of the University’s best students. Another student who received an award at the Prize Presentation Ceremony is JPA Scholar, Noor Dayana binti Azmi who is graduating with a MBBS (IMU) and is the recipient of the Dr John Joseph Bosco Memorial Gold Medal.

“I always put my education as my top priority. When I was in Bukit Jalil (BJ), I was the volunteer for Islamic Relief Malaysia for humanitarian works including flood relief. I also gathered my friends and other IMU students in BJ for a tuition class for orphanage at Rumah Titian Kaseh, Kuala Lumpur. That was when my interest to help those in need and volunteerism became more prominent. I also became a volunteer for Twins of Faith which was organised by Mercy Mission Malaysia. I was also involved in the Flood Relief for Kelantan and Perak.”

“These volunteer works help me to develop my soft skills such as communication skills, problem solving skills, time management and care of the needy. I also took part in IMU Cares Projects in Kampung Tekir and Kampung Sebir for health screenings and giving health talk and vaccinations for Rohingya refugees in Kluang, Johor.” “Apart from that, I have joined a Teddy Clinic organised by IKRAM Health Seremban whereby we teach the children not to be afraid of doctors through role play. Besides that, I am also the Director of Tafsir Al-Quran Series by Ustadh Isa Hussayn Johansson in collaboration with the Madina Institute Malaysia. Handling various projects and studying at the same time is not easy but it can be done with good time management. “ Dayana’s advice to future doctors is “The journey as a medical student is not easy. But with determination, everything becomes possible. The most important thing is, find your own reason why you want to be a doctor. The reason must be from you and not because of other people. Because these are the things that will keep you going even a ‘storm’ hits you. Failure is not a reason to give up but as a means to succeed, only if we learn from mistakes. Once you have make up your mind for medicine, go forward and embrace challenges. On top of that, do not forget to get the blessings from your parents throughout your journey because we will not be who we are today if not because of our parents. May the success be with all of us.”

Another graduate, a pharmacy graduate, Hong Khai Shien, said, “I believe that determination and passion is the key to success. Doing the things that you are passionate about will always keep you going forward and to achieve your goals regardless of the hardships that you face. I am very thankful to IMU for shaping graduates to be healthcare professionals that are not only knowledgeable and skillful, but also with a caring heart to serve our community through services such as IMU Cares Projects, enabling us to improve quality of life of the community.”

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