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Working as a Formulation Chemist in Malaysia

31 Dec 2018

Time flies and it has been 2 years since my graduation from International Medical Universtiy (IMU) with a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I have been working as a Formulation Chemist in Q & Z Cosmetics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, a skincare beauty product manufacturer in Malaysia, since my graduation. Basically, my main tasks of a Formulation Chemist in Q & Z involve formulating new products, production scale up, quality assurance of finished products, product marketing as well as product registration. It is a very challenging process at the beginning as most of the tasks are new to me and it is more on industrial aspects. Moreover, one of the main objectives of Q & Z is to provide green, environmental-friendly, safe and satisfying products with the finest quality and high efficacy to customers. In fact, this causes me to face even more challenges especially in developing of new products and scaling up. Fortunately, I was able to cope with my tasks and I believe one of the most important reasons is the basic knowledge that I learnt during my Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree. To be honest, I only realised the importance of some of the seemingly uncommon modules when I started working. For example, Pharmaceutical Engineering, a module relates to design, construction and operation of pharmaceutical-related facilities. It is surprisingly useful when it comes to handling manufacturing machines. Another very applicable example is Microbiology. It’s not common to have a chemist who also has a basic knowledge of microbiology but students from IMU’s Pharmaceutical Chemistry do. I am very grateful on the diversified modules in my degree programme which prepares me with wide knowledge to cater for more opportunities.

I would say working and studying are totally different aspects. Studying not to prepares us for work but also prepares us for our future, and most importantly, self-improvement. In IMU, with their outcome-based learning system and all kinds of instruments and facilities, I believe students are well-equipped with all the necessary basic knowledge to become a person who is ready for our profession. My degree life definitely is one of the deepest memories in my life. I really enjoyed my time at IMU with the different activities, friendly lecturers, industrial visits and the professional culture of IMU.

I am happy to be one of IMU’s students and also one of the chemists in my company. With the capability and opportunity given, I hope that I am able to contribute and bring a better and more beautiful lifestyle to our society. Written by Zhang YuXin

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