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Brenda Chin Huey Zien

“I have come to see that just as much as we cannot, perhaps we do not need to fix the entire world. I believe we do, however, need to actively play our part to seek to change as many ‘individual worlds’ as we can; to be as kind and intentional as we can, to do as much good as we can, to be as competent as one can be.”

About the Winner

Brenda Chin is a final year student pursuing her medical degree in International Medical University. She believes that access to health and education should be the right of every person and has actively volunteered in initiatives supporting those causes. She is involved in leading the Kampung Sebir Education Project under IMU Cares where once weekly guidance classes are arranged for the children living there. She has also organised public health screening services and public health awareness campaigns through Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA).

Beneficiary of Donation

Refuge For The Refugees


IMU Medical (MBBS)