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Karishma Kaur a/p Rajinder Singh Gill

“People often think you need a lot of time dedicated to do extracurricular activities but in reality, I think it’s just a matter what we choose to prioritise. Some prefer other forms of extracurricular activities such as playing sports, hiking, reading etc. I just chose to use my free time to volunteer. It felt rather second nature to spend my free time as such – serving other has very much been a way of life I have adopted.”

About the Winner

During the E-University Day which was virtually held on 24 July 2020, it was the first time in the history of the Aflame Student Award, under the provision of “Judges’ Special Award for Aflame Student Award”, that there were three winners for 2020. The judges saw that it was fair for everyone to be winners as all three finalists were equally and exceptionally good for their contribution to the community. The recipients of the award were given the opportunity to nominate a beneficiary of their interest to receive a donation of RM2,000 in hopes of continuous support to aid the community. Karishma is a final year dental student in IMU and she noted that the most treasured lesson gained from her experience in community service was how big of an impact small changes can bring. She has a passion to be volunteered for community services which mostly involved in providing oral healthcare such as dental treatment or oral hygiene education to the communities.

Beneficiary of Donation

Dentistry for The Needy


IMU Dentistry