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A Big Sweep of Awards for IMU Students and Staff at Malaysian Dietitian’s Association Hybrid Conference 2022

26 Jul 2022

For dietitians and dietetic students, there is an exciting, annual event that never fails to provide a platform for them to share scientific findings, cultivate meaningful discussions as well as network. This year, as the country emerges from the pandemic, the 27th Malaysian Dietitians Association Hybrid Conference invited its participants to finally meet in person at the Connexion Conference & Event Centre (CCEC) after 2 years. Students from the IMU Bachelor of Science in Dietetics with Nutrition and the faculty from the Nutrition & Dietetics Division were ready to make their mark.


And they did, by sweeping 7 podium-finishing prizes and 2 awards!


“Presenting at the MDA conference was an unforgettable learning experience as it marks my very first poster research presentation as a dietetics student. Though words will fall short, my deepest gratitude goes to my supervisors, Ms Jamilah and Prof Winnie Chee, and my research partner, Nicholas, who made this possible with their continuous guidance and unceasing patience,” said Heng Sing Ning from DN 1/19 whose poster bagged the first prize in the Best Student Research Poster category with her work on ‘Continuing Professional Development: A survey on participation and perception among dietitians in Malaysia.’

As for the Student Research Oral Presentation category, Nicholas Ooi (standing in the middle in the photo on the left)  shared, “During the preparation stage, it was quite intimidating at first because I have never done anything like this, (the thought of) speaking in front of so many experienced dietitians. The preparation of the slides was also meticulous…But I understand that it had to be really good because, in a way, I am representing our university.”

Lim Kah Yen and Sapnah bt. Fazal Rahman, two final year students (DN1/18) who won the 2nd prize in Best Student Poster Research Presentation and 3rd prize in Best Student Oral Case Study Presentation respectively, credits the programme for their preparation.


“The programme has also allowed me to explore and develop my potential in the field of research…through countless opportunities to participate in internal and external events. This further honed my skills in providing effective presentations, analytical thinking, and time management until I was able to secure the prize. Nevertheless, this would have not been possible without the dedicated faculty members, their constant support and constructive feedback at every phase of my learning journey. For me, that made all the difference in my preparation for the MDA conference,” said Kah Yen.

Sapnah adds, “My 4 years at IMU has definitely prepared me with both hard and soft skills that are required to ace a public presentation. In terms of hard skills, the excellent curriculum along with experienced clinical educators has supplemented me with abundant knowledge and skills within the Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) practice especially during my final year clinical placement. On top of that, the programme has also prepared me with public speaking and critical thinking skills which helped me to answer questions posed by the judges on the spot in a confident manner.”

Indeed, a hearty congratulations goes out to the Dietetics with Nutrition students and their supervisors as the programme continues to nurture bright students that continue to fly IMU’s flag high in the field of dietetics.

Winners at the 27th Malaysian Dietitians Association Hybrid Conference 2022

Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award

Soh Pheh Huang (in the main photo)

Rising Star Award 2022

Ng Kar Foo (ND1/08 Alumnus)

Postgraduate Thesis Prize – 1st Prize

Dr Kanimolli Arasu

 The effects of soluble corn fibre and calcium supplementation on bone health indices in children aged 8 to 11 years old – a double blind randomised controlled trial

Supervisors: Professor Winnie Chee Siew Swee, Prof Dr Connie Weaver and Dr Meenal Mavinkurve

Best Student Oral Research Presentation – 3rd Prize

Nicholas Ooi Jiawei (DN1/19)

A workforce survey on employment data and job satisfaction among dietitians in Malaysia

Supervisors: Jamilah Jamil, Prof Winnie Chee, A/Prof Barakatun Nisak and  Mageshswary Lapchmaman

Best Student Poster Research Presentation – 1st Prize

Heng Sing Ning (DN1/19)

Continuing Professional Development: A survey on participation and perception among dietitians in Malaysia

Supervisors: Jamilah Jamil, Prof Winnie Chee, A/Prof Barakatun Nisak and Mageshswary Lapchmaman

Best Student Poster Research Presentation – 2nd Prize

Lim Kah Yen (DN1/18)

Parental knowledge and perception on food preference amongst Malay children in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Supervisors: Dr Yang Wai Yew and Dr Ong Shu Hwa

Best Student Oral Case Study Presentation – 3rd Prize

Sapnah binti Fazal Rahman (DN1/18)

Severe malnutrition with high risk of refeeding syndrome (oral intake) in the inpatient setting

Supervisors: Teo Soo Lay and Fadhlina bt Abd Samad

Best Dietitian Poster Research Presentation –3rd Prize

The development, implementation and efficacy evaluation of virtual medical nutrition therapy clinic for pre-clinical dietetic students

Authors:Charmaine Lavinia, Alina Ita Azhar, Dr Lee Ching Li, Teo Soo Lay, Prof Winnie Chee and Dr Chen Seong Ting

Best Dietitian Oral Case Study Presentation – 1st Prize

Teo Soo Lay

Disordered eating pattern of an adult patient with bulimia nervosa in the outpatient setting

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