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Igniting Hope, Transforming Communities: Students Leading in Community Service

08 Mar 2024

Established in 2012, the Aflame Student Award acknowledges the graduating student from IMU who embodies the values of compassion and leadership while serving the community. This recognition underscores the significance of fostering humane values and practices among these students, aiming to strengthen their commitment to such principles.


This year, three Aflame Award finalists have been identified as they demonstrated dedication and passion for community service. These outstanding individuals have exemplified a commitment to making a positive impact on communities, embodying the very essence of the award.


Let’s delve into the inspiring stories of Silvia Teow Su Quinn, Muhmmad Aniq Bin Halim, and Chin Wei Xin, Amelia, each a beacon of service and leadership, and uncover the transformative journeys that led them to be recognized as finalists.

Silvia Teow Su Quinn

Our first finalist, Silvia Teow Su Quinn, a medical student, has consistently stood out for her exceptional contributions in doing community work. An advocate for poverty and lack of accessibility to education and healthcare, she started her own organisation, Stepping Stone Medics to address these issues. Having a dream to expand internationally, Silvia hopes she can inspire more individuals, hence igniting their passion for community service works.


Always having the opportunity to help underprivileged communities with guidance from IMU Cares, Silvia realised that this journey had made her more independent in helping them.

“The IMU Cares community is devoted to carrying out humanitarian acts of service and always assisted us whenever we encountered any problems, and it really taught me a lot in terms of leadership and organising my own projects in the future.”

Silvia chooses to volunteer and lead long-term projects to acquaint her with the community and truly understand what changes they really need to build their life.

Muhmmad Aniq Bin Halim

Another medical student, Muhmmad Aniq Bin Halim, whose dedication to community betterment has not gone unnoticed, is also one of the Aflame Student Award finalists. Working closely with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focusing on HIV & AIDS prevention, Muhammad Aniq actively advocates for the right to access HIV and AIDS treatment, especially among university youth.


He proposed a project entitled “HI-V Council” where university students will be taught and trained on sexual reproductive and health related (SRHR) issues as well as HIV and AIDS prevention.  The project aims to reduce HIV and AIDS infections while also providing accessibility and educating the public on prevention methods.


Asked on challenges faced while serving the community, he answered, “One notable challenge I faced was the emotional toll of witnessing the struggles and hardships faced by those I was trying to help. It was disheartening to see individuals and communities grappling with difficult circumstances, and it often left me feeling emotionally drained.”


He continued, “In facing these challenges, I discovered that resilience and adaptability are crucial traits for a volunteer. Each obstacle became an opportunity for personal growth, and finding inspiring ways to cope became an integral part of my journey. These experiences have not only strengthened my commitment to serving others but also equipped me with valuable skills that extend beyond the realm of volunteering.”

Chin Wei Xin, Amelia

Concluding the lineup of our finalists, Chin Wei Xin, Amelia, (also a medical student) who has consistently demonstrated a passion for creating positive changes. Amelia realized that her resolve had been strengthened to help those in need despite receiving harsh judgment when helping marginalised communities such as homeless drug addicts.  She is committed to defy social prejudices and foster an environment where everyone is deserving of support.

When asked how she manages her time to balance academic excellence together with impactful community engagement, she answered, “To ensure that I am able to maintain excellence in my academics while participating in community service events, I would set a timetable every week to ensure that my time is well-utilised daily. I would allocate specific periods of time for studying and also designate free time during which I can enjoy other activities such as running, bouldering, and volunteering.”

On this year’s University Day, we celebrate the remarkable dedication and service-oriented spirit of our three students, Silvia Teow Su Quinn, Muhmmad Aniq Bin Halim, and Chin Wei Xin, Amelia. These individuals represent the future of compassionate leadership, and we look forward to recognising and honoring their contributions to the community.


As we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our AFLAME Award recipient, may this moment inspire university students to embrace the spirit of community service and expand their efforts to make a lasting impact. Recognising the incredible work done by others should serve as a catalyst, motivating each student to contribute meaningfully and create positive change within their communities.


Written by Nurafyfa Binti Abdul Halim


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