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A Dynamic Festival of the Arts at IMU in 2019

23 Oct 2019

Every year, in the month of September, IMU’s Language, Communication and Culture Department organises the Festival of the Arts, and this year, the theme of this event is Dynamics. Commenting on the event, Chairperson of the 2019 Festival of Arts, Muhamad Atlizan Bin Darlis, said that the objective of this event is to promote arts and culture to the IMU community. Most importantly, this event reveals how arts and science are interrelated and the festival seeks to raise awareness of this inter-connections which makes one a wholesome person. Approximately 800 people comprising IMU staff, students, as well as the public, attended the festival this year. Many activities such as cultural performances, an art bazaar, interactive art booths, exhibitions, an art competition and a dialogue session entitled: Are We Truly Malaysian? were carried out during the three-day event.

Some of the students’ exhibitions from the arts and humanities related MPU modules included a miniature construction reflecting the dynamics in Malaysian society, dynamic spaces showcasing science fiction, horror and fantasy worlds, as well as innovative creations of toys called the Toy Project, Big Storybooks on moral values and eye-catching visual art on the theme of Body Dynamics. These exhibitions displayed the creativeness of these IMU students.

During this Festival, lunch time came alive with entertaining musicals showcasing the culture of Malaysia, presented by students from the MPU modules with the theme Different? We Are Malaysian, and a series of short skits with the theme, Retellings of the East. These performances displayed how unity between different races is achievable. The performances allowed students to express their voice and creativity through music, and at the same time, served as a platform for them to share their unity as Malaysians. The Festival’s Art Competition this year saw participation from the public as well as students from ten local universities. Three special prizes of RM1,000 each and ten consolation prizes of RM 200 each were given away. The special prize of RM 2,000 was clinched by an IMU student, Tan Nian Wan with her art piece entitled “Break-Free”.

Name University Art Title Description
Tan Sin Ying UTAR Acinonyx Rex The high speed sprinting cheetah is scattered into beautiful broken pieces rather than to die from overheating. Dynamic, energetic and creativity are essential in our life in order to succeed.
Muhammad Iskandar bin Mohamad Zambri UiTM The Dynamic of Technology Technology is constructive but also highly destructive. It also separates us from nature by diverting our focus from the wonders of nature.
Yong Hui Lin MIA Follow One’s Heart Whenever you decide to do something, just do it immediately. Let your dynamic unleashes your creativity.
Tan Nian Wan IMU Break-Free With a heart burning with the desire for change, the troubled woman is able to break free of the shell that constrains her and transcends. Thus, she is free.

View art pieces from previous Art Competitions at Inspire Art Gallery.

Overall, the Festival of Arts 2019 was deemed successful as both the participants and visitors enjoyed all the performances and most importantly, learned more about the dynamic culture of Malaysia. The IMU students who participated in this festival were able to unleash their creativity and build a positive relationship among themselves and the lecturers in IMU. They enjoyed themselves throughout this festival and expressed their joy in being able to connect with other cultures while taking part in this festival.

Written by Shekkilashverr A/L Arul Prakash (BM119), Ng Man Xin (BP119) and Ng Shu Lin (PS218)

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