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A Malaysian National Swimmer’s Pursuit of Excellence at IMU

28 Dec 2023

My name is Tan Khai Xin (Jayden), and I am a Malaysian national swimmer. I have been actively involved in swimming since the age of five and began competing in events the following year. Since then, swimming became an integral part of my life.


I had the incredible opportunity to represent my country at the Cambodia 2023 SEA Games this year. As a result, I accomplished a remarkable feat by winning two bronzes and breaking the national record in the 400m Individual Medley Swimming event.


In addition to my swimming endeavours, I am enrolling in the Foundation in Science (FiS) programme at IMU. Balancing my academic studies with my swimming career has presented its fair share of challenges. However, this experience has played a crucial role in shaping my discipline, perseverance, and time management skills. I am genuinely grateful for the chance to pursue my passion for swimming while also furthering my education at a prestigious institution like IMU.


Furthermore, pursuing my dream of becoming a dentist has always been a personal goal of mine. Inspired by my father, a dentist, I have deeply admired his work ever since I was a child when I used to accompany him to his clinic. Those early experiences ignited a deep interest in the field of dentistry within me.


Being a part of IMU has proven to be a blessing because it allows me to follow in my father’s footsteps and fulfil my passion for dentistry. The supportive environment at IMU, with competitive peers, dedicated lecturers, and well-developed facilities, has created a sense of belonging for me. Furthermore, IMU also holds a special place in my family’s heart since my sister is also studying dentistry at IMU, further strengthening my confidence in choosing this institution for my dental education.

“Hard work will never let you down” are words uttered by my father who have continuously motivated me, even during hardships. Juggling 22 hours of intensive training a week while being a full-time student is exhausting. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that dreams don’t chase themselves — I have to make them happen. I am immensely grateful to have my mother’s unwavering support, alongside my dad and elder sister, who have been my main pillars of strength. With their support and the nurturing environment at IMU, I am confident that I can become the best version of myself and strive towards achieving my goals.

In conclusion, I am thankful for the opportunity to study at IMU, pursue my passion for swimming, and work towards becoming a successful dentist. This journey is about pushing boundaries, staying determined, and making a positive impact in pursuing dentistry, just like my father.

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