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A Nutritionist Working in a Pharmacy

25 Mar 2020

An International Medical University (IMU) Nutrition alumna, Raanita Krishnamoorthy is currently working as a Nutritionist at Sunway Pharmacy. In this capacity, she assists customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle by giving them advice based on the assessment of their body composition, blood parameters and blood pressure.   In addition, she is given the responsibility of addressing nutritional issues and educating customers on healthy eating habits based on their health status. Besides this, she also attends to customers’ enquiries and serves them as an ethical and professional healthcare practitioner. Apart from her core duties as a nutritionist, she also undertakes administrative responsibilities along with managing vendors, and taking a stock check of the products in the Pharmacy. She also educates on the importance of nutrition to all the staff in the Pharmacy, based on evidence-based practice as she was trained at IMU. An IMU alumna, Raanita Krishnamoorthy, shares her experience working as a nutritionist in a pharmacy. Raanita shared her experiences working in Sunway Pharmacy. “Working in a pharmacy gives me the exposure of dealing with various types of enquiries related to foods, health and disease prevention on a daily basis. The most rewarding days are when customers come back with a smile and share positive stories of their health and nutrition practices and how, we at Sunway Pharmacy made a positive impact on them. The community-first approach is practised in Sunway Pharmacy as I’m given the oppurtunity to provide free nutrition consultations to our walk-in customers. Besides, working here has also granted me a chance to continuously learn beyond my job scope by dealing with questions raised about prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs by some customers. I believe Sunway Pharmacy stands out from other pharmacies as we focus on giving a personalised approach to make our customers feel special when they step into our pharmacy. Although I am expected to be on my toes most of my working hours, my personality of always being “on the move” fits this job perfectly”. Reflecting on her student days at IMU, Raanita, who graduated with her degree in 2018, said “My training in the Nutrition programme has given me the privilege to have a well-grounded and in-depth knowledge on Nutrition and health. This was possible through various health awareness campaigns, group projects, field visits, on site practicum exposures and many more. I can proudly look back and say, IMU has facilitated me in building my confidence to be ready for the working world and continue my growing passion in the field of Nutrition and Health Science. In future, I see myself diversifying my area of work internationally too.” Raanita’s immediate manager, Francis Lau commended on Raanita’s performance at the outlet. He said “I find Raanita to be a positive and passionate person. She is able to provide good service to our customers and she is a fast learner. She is a great team player and I am happy to have her as our Nutritionist in our Pharmacy.”

 Raanita’s Advice to Her Juniors or Future Nutritionists
 Be passionate and keep hustling towards your interests in Nutrition.

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