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A Step Closer to IMU Degrees

22 Nov 2018

Many have often asked, why should they opt for Foundation in Science in IMU? There are plenty of pre-university courses in Malaysia, what makes Foundation in Science in IMU different? Well, we certainly have an answer to that. IMU’s Foundation in Science gives its students an early start into life as a degree student. Being offered and conducted in the same facilities and environment as the other degree programmes IMU has to offer, Foundation in Science students adapts to the facilities and environment at a much earlier stage. What’s more interesting and exciting for the IMU Foundation in Science students is the sneak previews into the IMU degree programmes, experiencing it for themselves what each of these degree programmes have to offer. This is made possible through the “Look, See, Feel” engagement activities arranged for the FiS students. The Foundation in Science Programme Director, Sharon Chan explains “In order to engage the 21st century learners, educators now need to do things differently. Learning from books may already be an obsolete way of learning. The 21st century learners need to see, feel and experience things for themselves in order to enhance their learning.” And that is exactly what these ‘Look, See, Feel’ engagement activities are all about. The FiS students participate in a series of hands-on activities specific to each degree programme IMU has. One of these include a field trip to the IMU Clinical Campus with hands on activities in the Clinical Skills Centre for FiS students who are intending to study medicine in IMU. Other ‘Look, See, Feel’ engagement activities include Foundation in Science students being given the opportunity to carry out medical biotechnology related experiments such as DNA extraction and students conducting experiments on formulation of cream and suppositories, arranged by the School of Pharmacy. Meanwhile, students also had the opportunity to participate in a food testing and mock counselling session organised by the Nutrition and Dietetics programmes. The Psychology Department awed the FiS students with station games pertaining mental health evaluation while the Dental, Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic Divisions provided very insightful sessions for the FiS students where students were brought to the clinics and skills centres for a tour and observation. During the session with the Nursing Division, FiS students learnt hand washing skills. Faculty members from the Biomedical Science programme also arranged for the FiS students to carry out phlebotomy and observation of microbiological cultures. Eliza Chen Xiao Xuan, from FS118 was exhilarated to be given these opportunities and has always looked forward to them. Eliza who wishes to pursue the MBBS programme in IMU explains “I personally think that these activities are a great exposure to us FIS students. When we enter our respective degrees, we won’t have the freedom and time to find out what the other degree programmes do. Besides, I also think that it is important to know what the other health sciences programmes do and to keep our options open as we can never predict the future. These activities also help us to know if we really want to enter that particular degree by giving us as much exposure to the various fields before we make our decision on which degree programme we eventually choose. I have gained knowledge on what I may have to do when I enter the degree of my choice as well as the other degrees.” For students like Eliza who have made up their mind and set on their intended degree programmes, these engagement activities serve as a form of inter-professional learning for them. Hence, the Foundation in Science programme in IMU, not only prepares the students academically for the degree programmes, it gives them a wider perspective of the healthcare fields as whole.

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