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About IMU Cares

04 Feb 2013

The International Medical University (IMU) strives to be an engaged university as well as a learning organisation. As an engaged university we need to establish excellent working relationships within members of the IMU family, including alumni, with industry and with the community to whom we serve. As a learning organisation, IMU and its community of staff, students and alumni will strive to share a common focus towards making meaningful contributions to the community in producing skilled, knowledgeable, caring and ethical health professionals who will serve the community at large. In the process, we will emphasize on life-long and team leaning.

To achieve these objectives, an important mechanism that IMU has established is through the activities under the ‘IMU Cares’ programme. This will provide an effective channel for the direct involvement of staff, students and alumni. Such activities inevitably create opportunities for inter-professional learning, teamwork as well as putting into practice, the skills and knowledge acquired through formal ‘classroom’ settings.

As a consequence, direct involvement of community activities has now become an integral part of the key performance index (KPI) of IMU corporate and academic staff. For the students, such activities are integrated into the curriculum of all IMU academic programmes. IMU students now have many opportunities available to them either through the academic programmes, institution directed events such as Charity Runs and Carnivals, through student societies or, for new students, through orientation activities when they enter IMU. All these community service activities are held under the umbrella of ‘IMU Cares’.

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