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University of Copenhagen – New Partner for IMU Dental Programme

19 Feb 2013

uni_copenhagenOn 22 November 2012, The Malaysian Dental Council gave accreditation to the University of Copenhagen Dental Programme.

This accreditation paves the way for Malaysian students to attend dentistry courses at the University of Copenhagen.

In light of this exciting development, we are happy to report that on 18 January 2013 the University of Copenhagen became an official partner to IMU’s Dental Programme. 

The University of Copenhagen agreed to join partnership with the International Medical University for the credit transfer track of the dental programme providing 7 places for students who have completed an initial 7 semesters (3.5 years) in IMU’s dental programme to join their 2-years master programme. The University of Copenhagen master degree (cand. odont./Master of Science in Dental Surgery ) is a basic dental qualification to practise dentistry  in Europe and has received accreditation by the Malaysian Qualification Agency and Malaysian Dental Council to practice dentistry in Malaysia.  The 2-year master programme will be conducted in the English language.

“We are proud to have the University of Copenhagen as our partner for the IMU credit transfer track of the IMU dental programme” said Professor Toh Chooi Gait, Dean of IMU School of Dentistry; “It is one of the best schools in Europe leading in innovation and research with many world renowned academic staff.”

The IMU students who are matched to the University of Copenhagen will be required to spend an extra year in IMU to receive training in General Surgery and General Medicine (Human Disease module) prior to transfer as the University of Copenhagen does not cover this essential portion of dental training in its 2-year master programme.

The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university in Denmark – founded in 1479. With over 37,000 students and more than 7,000 employees, the University of Copenhagen is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark. The University of Copenhagen aims at developing and strengthening the position as one of the leading universities in Europe

The School of Dentistry is an academic department of Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, with knowledge of the highest level within the dental area. The School of Dentistry is also very active in research related to dental matters. Apart from this, there is the education of dentists and dental research education. About 450 students are enrolled in the dental studies. Each year about 95 students are admitted to the school.

The Clinical Section of the School of Dentistry is the largest dental clinic in Denmark with approximately 225 treatment units. Of these, about 200 are used in the education of dentists, dental hygienists and clinical assistants, while the rest are used in the special clinical functions of School of Dentistry.

About 1,000 patients are treated daily at the clinics.  Most of them are treated as  part of the education to the students. The treatment and service of patients are an important part of the education and also for the research at the School of Dentistry.  The patients come on their own initiative, or they are referred from the private dental practices, municipal clinics, hospital departments or other specialist clinics.

The School of Dentistry is located in a local urban area with 1.5 million people and admittance for patients with special dental problems from all regions of the country that means there is a great intake of patients, including all categories of disorders. As the clinical section also has all the modern equipment available for investigation and treatment, the conditions are ideal for clinical education and research.

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