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A Life Changing Experience for IMU Student at Global Peace Volunteer Camp

08 Jul 2014

21-22 June 2014 – An IMU student, Yee Yoon Yi, who is also a Student Ambassador for the University, had the opportunity to be one of the participant of the Global Peace Volunteer Camp at Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia. Students were selected from various universities to attend this camp, in which one of an IMU ex-Student Ambassador, Archana Divi a/p Chandra Mohan is one of the members of the organising committee. Archana is the Capacity Building Officer at the Global Peace Foundation Malaysia. Here, Yee Yoon Yi relates her experience at the camp.

“I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.” ― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream. “By living in this cold and harsh world, we have already lost touch with love, empathy and humanity. Can we continue to live our luxurious life, without a single thought for those who are suffering in another part of the world?   SA Camp 3

“I was so privileged to have the opportunity to join a life changing experience with Global Peace Volunteer Camp. In the workshop, we were exposed to various principles which emphasised on the importance of humanity and innovative leadership. Inspired by the teaching of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, we can clearly see that only a leader with visions can bring transformation into the society.”

“As a human, it is our nature to emphasise our differences over the similarities. The workshop has really opened my eyes to the concept of equality. By mingling with people from different cultural backgrounds, such as African, Indonesian, Malay, Indian, my perspective towards other ethnic groups has completely changed. Human race should not be segregated by gender, races, religion or nationality. In fact, we should love one another as  brothers and sisters in one big family.” SA Camp 1 “Our team building skills were greatly boosted as well. The concept of teamwork was implanted in us through activities, for instance the Unity ball and Handicapped Obstacle course. One of the most memorable activities of the camp is river trekking in the Janda Baik river. We were given a simulated situation where some team members were severely injured. The rest of the team members had to work together in creating a stretcher, finding an alternative route to transport and taking care of the “injured member”. We were taught proper first aid techniques and management for such critical situations. Through these activities, we learnt that good team spirit is one of the vital elements to achieve our desired objective.”

“On the last day of our camp, we were assigned to a Community Service Project in an orchard, a Malay village and the Chinese community area. When executing the project, we learned the actual problems encountered by the community, such as open burning to dispose waste. We were surprised to know that there were no garbage truck available for collection of rubbish in the village. Still, the villagers should understand the impacts of open burning to the environment. This reflects the significance of education for the public, particularly for our future generations. We also gained real life experience in fruit plucking and farming skills. Furthermore, it serves as a great opportunity for us to connect and lend a helping hand to the community.”

“In this workshop, I have definitely accomplished my challenge by stepping out of my comfort zone. On top of that, I have found back humanity and the values that have been long silenced by the fast paced lifestyle. Unlike any other ordinary workshops – where the enjoyable experience only stops there, the passion and goals inspired by GPV camp to change the world has just begun. Be the change you want see in the world!”

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