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Acquiring Clinical Pharmacy Practice Knowledge and Skills via Master of Pharmacy Practice

21 Jan 2019

The IMU Master of Pharmacy Practice Programme offers pharmacists an opportunity to expand and develop their useful knowledge and skill sets, thereby enhancing their marketability. Both working pharmacists and fresh graduates have enrolled in the Programme since it started in 2017. Muhammad Daniaal, a member of the first cohort obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. Before undertaking mandatory registration training in Malaysia, Daniaal felt it would be important to acquire practise knowledge and skills relevant to the Malaysian healthcare setting. He therefore enrolled in the Master of Pharmacy Practice programme at IMU, choosing the Clinical Pharmacy stream. The Clinical Pharmacy stream includes hospital clinical pharmacy placements and other core content such as Evidence-based Pharmacotherapy. “We never stop learning each day of our lives. During my final semester as an undergraduate, my curiosity in research got the better of me. I felt the need to expand and acquire more knowledge in the field of pharmacy. Thus, at that time, I put into motion plans to further my study at master’s level. I enrolled in the IMU Master of Pharmacy Practice programme because here, students are given an opportunity to select three specific areas of specialisation. Due to my interest, I chose clinical pharmacy. Learning new things is what gives me immense motivation. In addition, having an excellent mentor and supervisor drives me to be a better student and excel in my work. I feel I am more independent and I learnt how to think critically, solve problems, especially during my research work”. The Programme also offers streams such as Social & Administrative Pharmacy, and Pharmacy Management.

Whichever stream they choose, all students undertake research.
They are involved in all aspects of the research study, from design, writing the proposal and presenting it to the IMU Joint Research Committee, collecting, analysing the data to writing up the study. The IMU Institute for Research, Development and Innovation provides funding for approved research projects.

Daniaal conducted a prospective cohort study of renal elimination of an antibiotic in neonates with neonatal sepsis. Apart from funding, the Master’s research is fully supported by experienced research supervisors and other mentors.

As befits a University with a 6 star SETARA rating, all IMU degree courses are periodically reviewed. The Master in Pharmacy Practice is no exception, and was reviewed in 2018 to provide updated and essential knowledge and technical skills which could be immediately transferred to professional practice. Also, through the revised curriculum, the programme has enhanced feasibility of delivery for working professionals and international students.

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