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Aflame Award Winner: Exploring More of My Humanitarian Personality

26 Aug 2020

IMU Medical student, Shinah Saeed has always been involved in a lot of community projects both in and out of IMU, at a national level and in the community where she resides in. It is her way of making a difference in the society, not just treating patients. She has been involved in many projects from large scale awareness projects to providing a packed meal to a homeless person. Shinah said, “ I believe that part of what makes me a better healthcare professional is the ability to be empathetic towards people from all walks of life. However this might be a bit difficult if I never had to survive on RM 20 for two entire weeks or if I had to hold off going to the clinic even when I am sick, just because I could not afford that. Therein lies my passion to be kind to everyone I meet. Being a student on scholarship, and knowing my parents could not afford to send me money whenever I am broke, I have had to do both and much more. Therefore when I see a patient considering not getting a certain medication just because it is expensive,I am able to empathise with them because I have been there and I have done that.” “However, it should not stop with empathising. It should carry on to giving back to individuals and to the society as a whole. That is why my motto is ‘Be kind to everyone’,” added Shinah. “I am grateful to IMU for giving me the opportunity to explore the humanitarian side of me more, since projects like Dream Bigger; Reaching Out – DBRO – and IMU Cares projects helped to open my eyes to those who were less fortunate than me and I could give back. It allowed me to be a better human being and hopefully a better doctor in the future.”

Community Projects
 Mercy Malaysia Disaster Risk Management 2019
Athena Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Programme A programme held for the community in Seremban. Volunteer in 2018 and part of organising committee in 2019.
IMU Cares Kampung Tekir Monthly health screening and mobile clinic style programme with three monthly awareness programme.  Volunteer in 2017 and committee member in 2017/18.
Volunteering with Children of Special Needs 8 weeks in Maldives in 2018.
IMU Cares Kampung Sebir Monthly health screening and mobile clinic style programme with monthly awareness programme.  Volunteer in 2017.
Dream Bigger, Reaching Out Weekly Teaching Programme for Myanmar refugees. Volunteer in 2015, Head of Project in 2016/17
Empowered Hereditary  Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign Organising Member in 2016
World Primary Immunodeficiency Week 2016 –  
AMSA IMU Health Day Screening 2015
IMU Ecofriendly International Fashion Show 2015 Head of Organising Comittee

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