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Psych Gala: A Dazzling Night of Friendly Camaraderie and Fascinating Performances

17 Dec 2018

1 December 2018 – The Psychology Department of IMU recently celebrated a milestone – a decade since its inauguration – with the 10th Year Anniversary Psychology Gala, a collaborative effort by the Psychology Department and IMU Psychology Club. It was held at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, Putrajaya. Psych Gala welcomed the psychology progranme’s lecturers, current students and around 40 alumni. This gala was held with aims of bringing the alumni and current students together for an evening of experience-sharing and reminiscing of the good old days as well as offering current students’ knowledge on the prospects of the future outside of IMU. Highlights

Theme: Then, Now & Forever
The theme of “Then, Now & Forever” was inspired by the idea of reuniting the alumni and simultaneously branching new networks with current psychology students as well as lecturers. Psych Gala was also aimed to appreciate and celebrate each member of the Psychology family, as each one is deemed as treasured contributors to a glorious decade of excellence and fruitfulness of the Psychology Department in IMU.
Special Speech and Announcement by Head of Department, Dr Shamala Ramasamy
This joyous occasion was officiated with a special speech by the Head of Psychology Department, Dr Shamala Ramasamy. In her speech, she thanked the IMU Psychology Club members for their contributions in organising the event and the alumni who attended. More importantly, Dr Shamala made a very exciting announcement about Psychology Department’s very first Master in Counseling, a new Postgraduate Programme headed by Dr Nicole Chen, which is set to be launched in 2020. “I believe that it marks another milestone for us as we reach higher grounds and aim for greater academic prominence.” said Dr Shamala in her speech.
New Connections and Alumni Sharing
It was not just a night of celebration as one of the key elements of the 10th Year Anniversary Psychology Gala was networking. The gala was the ideal occasion for returning alumni to relish an evening of experience-sharing and reminiscing as well as to give the current students an insight into the progress of the programme at IMU and future prospects of the field of psychology. Sharing sessions were conducted by alumni including Shamir Das of PS215, Bernard of PS215, Rithra of PS212 and Jon Ho of PS110 who related about their experiences while studying at IMU and their respective current endeavors. Shamir Das, a recent graduate of PS215 and a recipient of the Tun Zahir Merit Award, mentioned about the lessons he learned from his lecturers and peers and how they helped him mature. Jon Ho, shared on his many years of experience working in the Human Resources Department of various industries such as Oil and Gas, IT as well as Service and Automotive. “It really is great to see current students, lecturers and my old batch mates during this glorious occasion” said Jon Ho. Additionally, other alumni chose to share their stories through recorded videos as they could not be present physically.
Exciting Performances, Live Entertainment and Dinner
Psych Gala was a dazzling night of friendly camaraderie and fascinating musical performances, with psychology students both past and present decked out in their best outfits for a memorable night of celebration. It kicked off with the introduction by the two emcees, Bernard Lim of PS215 and Shazna Ahamed of PS118, whose chemistry and wit kept the attendees well-entertained for the entirety of the event. Each performance was carefully planned and presented by talented members of the IMU Psychology family. Furthermore, the night was made special with interesting video presentations such as a Marvel themed video prepared by Psychology lecturer, Alexius Cheang, describing each lecturer as a superhero with unique “superpowers”. The second video by IMU Psychology Club was particularly unique, depicting a compilation of pictures and clips of psychology batches from the past up till the present. The sight of familiar faces and precious memories on screen drew joyous cheers from the crowd. Other exciting events included mini stage games and a Best Dressed Award that honoured the most beautifully dressed male and female. One of the highlights of the night was most definitely a surprise performance by psychology lecturers. The remarkable night of revelry was concluded with their rousing performance of Westlife’s “My Love”. A very meaningful performance met with boisterous applause by the audience. As the night progressed, alumni and current students alike mingled and conversed as they enjoyed the buffet dinner menu which boasted a variety of delectable dishes.

All in all, the 10th Anniversary Psychology Gala was most assuredly a joyous evening made special with old friends, new connections and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime, indeed an event to treasure for the alumni, lecturers and current students. The IMU Psychology Family is proud to celebrate an auspicious decade which marks unity, togetherness and a common goal that we share to be the future of Psychology in Malaysia.

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