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After Graduation: What’s Next for Me as an IMU Nutrition Graduate?

24 Nov 2022

As I walked down the IMU driveway, I was going down memory lane of the past 4 years at IMU – How my study experience was greatly enriched by the people around me and how the faculty had always been really helpful and supportive throughout my learning process. Added with my enthusiasm and commitment to research, this has resulted in me presenting my final year research – Knowledge and Attitude on Salt Iodisation Programme among Malaysian Adults in Klang Valley at the 37th Nutrition Society of Malaysia Conference 2022 as well as IMU-Deakin Joint Nutrition and Food Innovation Research.


Besides studies, I was also actively involved in different projects in the IMU Scholars Committee, such as HealthAI Research Hackathon: Code for Health as Secretary and Sexual Health Awareness Campaign “Passion, Pleasure & Protect” as Social Media Manager. These experiences have taught me so much on how to manage my time wisely, communicate with different parties effectively and gain project management skills.

Valuable friendships had also been developed over the years which made my time at IMU so much more memorable. When people say time flies, it is very true. I can still vividly remember the days we had orientation activities and yet in a blink of an eye, it is already the end of Semester 6.


Upon completing my internship as part of the IMU Nutrition programme requirement, I took a step back to unwind by travelling and spending time with my family. One of the reasons I love to travel – is to experience different cultures. I got to meet new people, understand the lifestyle, appreciate the architecture and taste the local food. I personally believe that there are aspects of life and culture that cannot be felt or understood unless you actually visit the place.

IMU Scholar and Nutrition alumna, Lee Chiu Ying recounts her time studying Nutrition at IMU.

As for my future plans, I intend to work as a community nutritionist to provide evidence-based information and guidance on the impact of food and nutrition to the public in order to make a contribution to the nutrition field and gain meaningful experiences. I also intend to pursue a master’s degree in the future to expand my knowledge and enhance my career progression.

I am grateful that the 3-year Nutrition undergraduate learning has not only equipped me well with knowledge and skills in nutrition, it has also taught me the importance of empathy, compassion and passion as fundamental components of healthcare practice.

With that being said, to future IMU students, always practice empathy and determination because these are the things that will keep you going. Other than putting your education as the top priority, it is also important to involve yourself in extra-curricular activities. This could really help to hone your soft skills and competencies.


Lastly, “follow your passion, and success will follow” is something I would like to share. As I move on to another chapter of my life, I wish to remind myself to follow my passion and do something I love, and it will bring me a life of fulfilment.

IMU Scholar and Nutrition alumna, Lee Chiu Ying recounts her time studying Nutrition at IMU.

Written by Lee Chiu Ying, Nutrition alumna, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Nutrition on 5 November 2022.

IMU Scholar and Nutrition alumna, Lee Chiu Ying recounts her time studying Nutrition at IMU.

During the graduation, she was also:
Recipient of the Tun Zahir Merit Award, given to a graduating student who has shown outstanding academic excellence in his/her graduating cohort.
Recipient of the Book Prize for Best Nutrition Student, sponsored by Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
In the Dean’s List of Graduands with High Academic Achievement


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