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An Alumni Sharing: IMU’s Master in Pharmacy Practice Develops My Knowledge and Skills

22 Jun 2021

As a Pharmacist who intends to seek experience in a community pharmacy setting, Chu Jianfeng understood that there is a need for him to attain the skill-sets in Pharmacy Management and leadership. As he was looking for a course that allows him to continue his work and pursue a master’s degree, he found that the Master in Pharmacy Practice (MPP) Programme at IMU was a perfect opportunity for him. Jianfeng shares with us more about his journey in IMU.

What is the reason for you to study a postgraduate programme?

I believed that studying a postgraduate programme would provide me with an opportunity to further develop and sharpen my skills and knowledge in the field that I am interested in i.e. Pharmacy management. I have always wanted to challenge myself to the maximum. Also, I prefer to accomplish more while I am still young. Thus, without hesitation, I registered for the Master in Pharmacy Practice programme after I finished my Bachelor’s in Pharmacy. In the Master’s programme, I learnt more about pharmaceutical marketing, business and people management as well as entrepreneurship. With such additional knowledge and skills, it increased my marketability when looking for a better career opportunity. It allowed me to be more equipped and outstanding as compared to other pharmacists who are bachelor’s degree holders.

Why you chose IMU for your MPP?

The reason I chose IMU was that this MPP programme provided much flexibility. The classes were mostly on weekends and all notes and videos were available in the eLearning portal. The lecturers and supervisors were also very friendly and helpful. Whenever I faced any difficulty in attending the class or problems with the assignments’ deadline, they would try to help us and give us necessary advice so that I could complete each module in time.

What are the new skills and knowledge you have learned from this programme?

The most important skills I learned throughout the programme was to be a disciplined person. You have to plan and manage your time when you decided to do a Master’s while working. A well-disciplined approach is essential to manage your time and achieve a work-life balance. Besides that, from this programme, I have learned to develop business plans with my innovative ideas. I learned to do a market survey for the business plan from the pharmaceutical marketing module. It gave me an insight into the feasibility of executing the business plan in Malaysia. Later in, I managed to develop a complete business project development proposal plan with complete details of the business and people management module. All this market research, survey and planning learned during my MPP programme gave me a better understanding of how I can execute the business plans that suit Malaysians. One thing, I utilised the most while studying was the flexibility. It was very important for me because while doing the MPP programme at IMU, I also got my Provisionally Registered Pharmacist training programme in a hospital setting. At that time, I had a break from my studies and completed my PRP training. After completing my PRP, I re-enrolled into my studies and completed my master’s. Such flexibility allowed me to complete both important tasks of my career life as a pharmacist smoothly.

How are these new skills and knowledge helping you?

This knowledge and skills acquired during my MPP programme successfully increased my confidence in taking my baby steps in executing the business plans. With many preparations done in the plan, it has also encouraged me to participate in ‘The Innovation in Healthcare Bootcamp’ organised by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in 2019.

Thus, I am indeed very grateful that the IMU has given me the chance to learn Pharmacy Management in the MPP programme which has trained me and led me to accomplish my true intentions of life, to expand various pharmacy services in Malaysia

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