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An Informative and Engaging Virtual IMU MRCS Part A Preparatory Course

11 Oct 2021

In collaboration with IMU Centre for Lifelong Learning (ICL), IMU School of Medicine led by the Department of Surgery successfully organised a 12-day preparatory course of 25 lectures entitled “IMU MRCS Part A Preparatory Course” .

Organising Chairman and Committee
Chairperson Dr Sherreen Elhariri
Organising Committee: Prof Lim Kean Ghee, President of the College of Surgeons of Malaysia
Dr. Ismail Burud, Head of the Division of Surgery & Examiner for MRCS for the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Prof Suneet Sood
Dr Nabeel Ibraheem

The Department of Surgery at IMU had already run similar courses twice for Part B since 2018. The objective of the course is to prepare surgical trainees and those awaiting houseman posting for a career in surgery, their master’s degree and the MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, England & Ireland) exam. The preparatory course was conducted online via Zoom, 25 lectures in 12 days (6 weekends) as most of the candidates were engaged in hospital practice. The participants of the course are 60 postgraduate trainees who will be sitting for the upcoming examinations and they are mostly from Malaysia while some were from other countries as the UK, Ireland, Georgia, Australia and Maldives. 16 of our IMU staff in different specialties with exemplary teaching experience were facilitators of the course.

Topics covered were:
Basic sciences in Applied Anatomy
Physiology & Pathology
Principle of Surgery -in- General: Orthopaedics, Vascular, Urology, Head & Neck Surgery
Trauma (Neurosurgery)
Peri-operative Management
Plastic (Burns & Skin Tumours)
Paediatrics Surgery
Ethics, statistics & GIT

Feedback from participants was extremely positive.

Feedback from Participants
It was very well organized and helpful. Thank you for everything:) Really Good
An interesting and informative course, all speakers are knowledgeable and friendly It was very helpful
Overall, the workshop was very good and informative. It helped to identify key important points in topics to focus on and it allowed me to revise for the exam better. Good
Excellent Excellent Workshop
Overall, this course was very good. Worth joining this group It is good
Very informative and helpful for preparation of the mrcs exam Excellent
A very informative course, helps me to target particular topic and questions. Good
Excellent content and learning points throughout the sessions Great
Overall, the quality of this programme is very good. I was able to cover a huge portion of basic science in such a short duration despite the limited time I had in hand Very helpful
It was a great platform to learn and prepare for MRCS. Lecturers were always welcoming questions and discussions. Good
Very well presented even in a short period of time. Hats off to those lecturers and moderators who sacrifice their weekends to teach us. God bless of all them good souls. Very good workshop, gave me some insight on what to expect for the exam.
The workshop was very informative and very helpful in allowing me to know what to focus on. Well organised and very engaging
Very useful and informative. Loved how the lecturers tried their best to explain everything in brief, thank you lecturers:) Good
Super useful that I could access it at a different time as I was mostly working at the time of the live classes. Good
Good Excellent
Great Excellent

All recorded lectures were placed in the e-Training portal and also in our interactive questions bank with explanatory answers.

The next course is scheduled to be on 19 February – 3 April 2022 for candidates who will apply for coming examinations.

Written by Dr Sherreen Elhariri (FRCS), Chairperson

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