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Herba Penggalak Susu Ibu

11 Oct 2021

For many new mothers, breastfeeding is challenging and many women struggle with the entire process. Some women may have given up the entire process but if one still wishes to try to breastfeed, there are many ways to overcome lactation challenges. For the baby’s health and well-being, a natural solution is always the preferred choice. One such choice is Chinese medicine, as it offers a natural solution through its holistic approach. In general, there are two categories of lactation challenges: Low milk supply and poor milk flow. Chinese medicine practitioners attribute low milk supply to insufficient Qi and blood supply in the mother, which is related to her body constitution. Article is in Malay. Learn more about what causes these challenges and how to overcome them at Herba Penggalak Susu Ibu (Utusan Malaysia, 11 October 2021).

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