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An Educational and Insightful Hands-On Workshop at IMU for International School Students

08 Sep 2020

2 March 2020 – Eleven Year-13 students from the Tenby International School participated in a hands-on workshop on ‘Real-world Applications of Molecular Biology’ at the IMU campus in Bukit Jalil. Conducted by Dr Kok Yih Yih, a lecturer from the Medical Biotechnology programme, this workshop introduced the students to real-world applications of molecular biology and they were given the opportunity to experience the basic molecular biology techniques, gel electrophoresis, in the laboratory. The participants commented that the workshop was a great platform for them to experience what they have learnt in textbooks and it has enhanced their conceptual understanding on the selected lab technique.

 Some of the Participants’ Feedback 
 Alexander Thomas Anggriawan The educational trip to IMU was beneficial for my studies. We had the opportunity to carry out hands-on experiments such as preparing DNA fragments using stains and conducting the electrophoresis process. Additionally, we were given a detailed insight of molecular biology, allowing us to have a better understanding of the applications of gene technology to real life situations. Overall, it was very exciting and unique as we were given the chance to perform lab techniques that we would not have been able to do in our school.
Lee Yan Xing Our trip to International Medical University (IMU) in March was an eye-opening experience. It began with a short lecture on genetic engineering, followed by a practical session where we carried out – electrophoresis of DNA. We were taught how to use a pipette, methods of staining the DNA sample (we used a blue stain called EZVision), detailed steps to run electrophoresis, and finally we observed the agarose gel under UV light. Overall, I’m incredibly thankful for this insightful learning experience.
Leo Tan Guang Hao The trip to IMU was educational and enjoyable; it was interesting to experience first hand the type of teaching and learning that occurs at university level, especially at one that focuses on medicine and science-related courses. The lab environment was well-prepared and safe, and we were able to use stains and DNA samples to conduct Electrophoresis, which was a hands-on and unique experience. Overall, I was given a good idea of the topic in an interactive manner, and left with a better understanding of the topic covered.
Hana Lee Ai Wei During our trip to IMU in March of 2020, we were given the opportunity to have a practical session on Electrophoresis using DNA samples which was a great learning experience, in my opinion. As I am pursuing a career more on the biology side, this trip has given me a better understanding as to the detail and skills required to succeed in this field of study.

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