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An Annual Event for IMU Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni and Students: ‘Networking for Your Future’

16 Jan 2015

Since 2013, International Medical University (IMU) Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D) alumni and undergraduate students have been holding an Annual Reunion Night. The goals of this event are to build and maintain the bonding among the alumni and students as well as to support each other for personal development. This is also a good platform for the alumni to stay connected with the University. Lecturers from the N&D Department are also invited to join this meaningful event.

ND Reunion Dinner2014_8ND Reunion Dinner2014_6

 This year, the Reunion Night was held on 22 November at the Auditorium of the IMU Bukit Jalil Campus. The theme was ‘Networking for your Future’ which emphasised the importance of social networking for personal development and peer support. The activities at the Reunion Night included speeches by lecturers and representatives from each cohorts, dinner, games that were designed for ice-breaking and team-building, a closing ceremony and a photography session. ND Reunion Dinner2014_4 Response from all cohorts was very encouraging. About 150 participants including 17 alumni attended this event. The opening ceremony was officiated by Prof Fatimah Arshad, Professor from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, IMU. To ensure the objective of the Night was well achieved, all participants were divided into groups in which each group consisted of members from various cohorts. They had to be together throughout the Reunion Night. Together with all activities planned, the group dynamic and interaction were great especially during the game sessions. Time flew especially with things running smooth and the atmosphere filled with fun and joy. The Reunion Night was ended at about 10pm. All participants had enjoyed so much that they left reluctantly. ND Reunion Dinner2014_12ND Reunion Dinner2014_2 Written by: Errica Leong

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