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Outstanding Performance at TCM Camp & Olympiad Cup 2019

05 Jul 2019

31 May to 2 June – Three students from the IMU Chinese Medicine programme joined the TCM Camp & Olympiad Cup 2019 (饶思泉中医知识竞赛暨国际中医学生交流营 2019): Gan Yee Hung (CM117), Khor Chin See (CM117) and Yong Yung Chien (CM118). The tournament was held at Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM). It was a collaborative effort among Chinese Medicine students from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and XMUM. The aim of this camp was to cherish the father of TCM of Malaysia, Rao SiQuan (饶思泉), and serve as a platform for Chinese Medicine students from Malaysia as well as other countries to share their experiences and network with one another. There were more than 100 lecturers and students from UTAR, XMUM, IMU, Southern University College, Management and Science University, Xiamen University (China) and Mae Fah Luang (Thailand) involved in the camp. The actual competition, which took place on the third day, was intensely thrilling. The Olympiad participants were first divided into junior and senior categories. Each participant had to attempt a paper-based test, and the top ten scorers from each category were further grouped into five four-member teams before advancing to the buzzer round. Yee Hung emerged as the first runner-up in the senior category, while Yung Chien managed to make it to the top ten in the junior category.

Buzzer Round
Yung Chien’s team–ShiZhen Champion
Yee Hung’s team–BianQue Fourth Place

The first two days of the camp were also spectacular and memorable. There were talks, seminars, morning exercises, games and even a herbal soap-making workshop attentively put together by the organisers. The participants benefited greatly from the talks. The guest of honour, Prof Woo Tian Yu (邬天雨教授), talked about the history, development and prospects of Chinese Medicine in the field of ophthalmology. The next speaker, Mr Ngiam Chee Jieh, shared with the audience about the combination of traditional herbal medicines with common, everyday ingredients to create delicious, nutritious dishes with potent medicinal properties. Dr Yee Wei Lun discussed and conducted a hands-on approach with the audience on common orthopaedic methods. Next, Mr Hoi Hoe Yin presented the fundamentals as well as his experiences on the processing of traditional Chinese herbs (中药炮制学). Lastly, two representatives from the Ministry of Health explained about the concept and enforcement of the T&CM Act 2016. Besides the talk, participants were also given the amazing opportunity to create herbal soaps in an organised workshop. IMU students participated in a camp and tournament for Chinese Medicine students to share their experiences and network with one another.IMU students participated in a camp and tournament for Chinese Medicine students to share their experiences and network with one another. The participants also had lots of fun during the Treasure-seeking Challenge. They were divided into groups and competed with other teams by playing various station games, pondering clues and looking out for strategically-concealed herbs. On the morning of the second day, the participants did something new and refreshing – a morning exercise by the name of Shao Lin Nei Gong (少林内功). According to the exercise teacher, Wang Chaozheng, Shao Lin Nei Gong is a good practice for strengthening the body and embracing the sensation of Qi coursing within the body. All in all, the event was a success. When asked about their feedback, the participants were satisfied and happy with the knowledge gained and friendships built throughout the event. They were delighted with their winnings and hoped to participate again in the future.

The IMU Chinese Medicine Department extends their heartiest congratulations to the participants, who’ve put their best foot forward and emerged triumphant during the Olympiad Cup.

Written by IMU Chinese Medicine students, Gan Yee Hung and Yong Yung Chien Edited by IMU Editorial Board committee member, Siah Teck Ying Reviewed by Chinese Medicine Programme Director, Dr Wong Zhi Hang

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