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Appreciating Nature at a Camp in FRIM

12 May 2017

In the midst of the ever-piling workload and busyness of university life, IMU Eco Friends Club and Swimming Club came together to organise a 2 day 1 night camp in Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) for our students. The event provided an escape from the students’ usual hectic schedule, taught them new knowledge, and gave an opportunity to bond with students from different programmes. 25 February 2017 – The students set out to FRIM and began their first activity soon after reaching the place. In the first activity – nature trekking, the guide explained various types of hardwood trees and how one might classify them into two large groups, Dipterocarp and Non-Dipterocarp trees. Dipterocarp trees have fruits which are two-winged, and would spin as they fall to the ground. The students were also taught on how to identify one species of a popular hardwood tree in Malaysia, Keruing. IIMU Ecofriends Nature Camp The students were also further informed by the guide on various types of plants and their uses throughout the trail. Their eyes were treated to wonderful sights of nature along the trail. After that, the students had a scrumptious lunch and were pumped up for the next activity, treasure hunt. The students were required to apply what they learned in nature trekking in order to complete the treasure hunt. Appreciating nature - IMU Ecofriends Each group were given a list of questions and also a binocular to aid their hunt. Some of the questions were rather difficult and some of the groups decided to work together as a larger team in order to solve it. Eventually, all teams successfully answered the questions and it was then time to take a break. Despite it raining shortly after the treasure hunt, the students took opportunity of the time to unwind, relax and bond with their friends. Mini-games were conducted by the committee and the atmosphere was light and full of laughter as everyone bonded over jokes and stories. When the heavy rain abated, it was time to set up our shelters for the night. The campers were taught on how to set up their tents which took only a few simple steps. All the tents were up in less than 10 minutes. To some of them, this was a new experience as they have not had the chance to do so before. After setting up the tents, it was time for BBQ dinner and campfire. With more delicious food and warmth of the fire, the campers got to know each other better and everyone was truly enjoying their time together. IMU Ecofriends Camp On the second day, the campers had their final activity, which was the obstacle run. The students had loads of fun overcoming the obstacles and at the same time helping each other to complete the task. Those who completed the obstacle run waited and cheered the rest who were behind. Being with natureOne of the activities at IMU Ecofriends camp Alas, it was time to head home. The students worked together to organise a “gotong-royong”, making sure they leave the place as clean or in a better condition than when they first arrive. It was really great to see the IMU students  displaying such great teamwork throughout this camp and also their love for the environment, appreciating its nature and taking great care of it. Members of the IMU Ecofriends at the camp

Photos credits : Yanis Lin, Eco Friends Club and Swimming Club Committee members.

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