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The Art of Healing

19 Jan 2017

IMU encourages students to express ideas on healing and health through art

Sim Li Mei - Willpower Kuala Lumpur, 30 November 2016 – Multidisciplinary students from eleven colleges and universities participated in the annual inter-varsity IMU Art Competition that was held recently at the International Medical University (IMU) campus. Art Competition 201681 Upholding this year’s theme, “Determination”, the art competition saw 19 unique and eye-opening entries competing for this year’s top honours. In the end, it was Sim Li Mei from Taylor’s University who clinched the grand prize of RM3,000 with her piece titled, ‘Willpower’. The art piece depicted a human tower built upon family support, followed by nurses, doctors and surgeons in providing hope to heal the patient. “Art teaches me to see things in a wider scope and be more conscious with my surroundings. In my opinion, the competition has challenged us to use art to express our thoughts and feelings on the given theme and taught us to look at healing and health from a different perspective,” said Sim Li Mei, a Foundation in Natural and Built Environment student from Taylor’s University. Special Prizes A special prize was presented to Michele Fernandez A/P Joseph Hath, a Pharmacy student from IMU for her artwork entitled ‘The Sculptor’, which portrayed that ‘impossible is nothing’, as long as we are determined to bring forth waves of change especially for the betterment of our health. Ghavinassh A/L Kanabathy from Perdana University also took home a special prize for his piece entitled ‘Epitome of Determination’, depicting a colony of ants lifting the stethoscope that represents the determination and passion of all healthcare professionals towards upholding the quality of the ever-evolving healthcare system. A third recipient of the special prize was Tung Yu Zhen from University of Malaya, for her piece entitled ‘I might limp, but never Wimp’, portraying that true limitations come not from an ill body but a chained mind.

Michele - The Sculptor Michele Fernandez A/P Joseph Hath Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) International Medical University The Sculptor Impossible is nothing, so long as we are determined to bring forth waves of change especially for the betterment of our health. Art is my source of expressing my emotions. Upon reading the word determination which to me is the fire in our souls that drives us to become a better person, the first thing that hit me was my weight loss journey in 2016. My advice for everyone is practice makes perfect and joining competitions like this will actually boost your confidence and help you improve.
Tung Yu Zhen - I Might Limp But Will Never Wimp Tung Yu Zhen MBBS University Malaya    I might limp, but never wimp. True limitation comes not from an ill body but a chained mind. Willed actions best depict true determination where facial expressions fail to show. If we are determined enough, nothing is impossible to achieve, and I am sure that determination is not an emotional expression but rather something that speaks for itself by what we have achieved. This competition have definitely allowed me to revisit my brush and palette, at the same time made me ponder on what determination really means to me. It has indeed given me some insight on the path I am currently in.
Ghavinassh - Epitome of Determination Ghavinassh A/L Kanabathy Medical Student Perdana University Epitome of Determination A colony of ants lifting the stethoscope represents the determination and passion of all healthcare professionals towards upholding the quality of ever evolving healthcare system. To me, determination means the ability to keep improving one’s self despite failure or success. Hence in my art I portrayed a colony of hardworking ants representing the healthcare team upholding the ever evolving healthcare system which is the stethoscope. My mom is my inspiration for my passion in arts and crafts, and I thank her for it.

“The art competition encourages young Malaysians to visualise their perspective of health. The expression of this year’s theme, ‘Determination’, in relation to health reveals insightful views and perspectives for us to contemplate upon, especially as we train and groom future healthcare professionals. We look forward to more students participating in this annual competition in the coming years,” said Sheba D Mani, Project Leader of the IMU Festival of the Arts. Art Competition 201670 The entries were judged by Harris Rashid and Dr Caryn Koh, two young established Malaysian artists. Harris Rashid was involved in group and solo exhibitions such as Beauty in the Beast, HUMANIMAL, VICE VERSA and many more. Dr Caryn Koh, an IMU alumnus, is notably recognised for her #sekolahseries illustrations and was shortlisted for ‘Your Art, Your Story’ Nando’s Art Initiative 2016 and won the second place in Printmaking Category, Tanjong Heritage Competition 2016.

“It is important to encourage arts as it’s a form of expression and explores the possibilities of unlocking our own potential. It also helps with critical thinking and being able to think outside the box when faced with challenges in our course or workplace in the future. IMU has done amazing efforts thus far in promoting the arts and humanities in their courses, now it is about taking it a step further and bringing forth more contentious issues that could spark more interest and conversations in art and healthcare,” said Dr Caryn Koh.

Organised by the IMU Festivals of the Arts under the leadership of the Department of Language, Communication and Culture, this year’s entries came from IM Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, IPG Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim, KDU University College Penang, Multimedia University Malaysia (Cyberjaya), Perdana Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Perdana University, Taylor’s University, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM), University of Malaya, UNIKL Royal College of Medicine Perak (RCMP) and IMU.

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