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Gaining Updates at the ‘Eudragit Seminar 2016’

18 Jan 2017

6 October 2016 – IMU’s Pharmaceutical Technology Department collaborates with Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients (Malaysia), the distributor for pharmaceutical ingredients from Evonik Industries (Germany), to organise a seminar on ‘Eudragit Seminar 2016’. This is the first time this Department is collaborating with the industry partner to organise a seminar and hands on workshop. IMG-20170109-WA0014_resized_20170109_022320513 The objectives of the seminar were to update individuals on the product range of Eudragit ingredients, understand the application and selection in tablet coating process, provide hands on workshop for material preparation, discuss current challenges and issues associated with tablet coating process and to provide networking and collaboration opportunities for industry partners. Forty (40) participants attended the seminar. They were mainly from local pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical manufacturers and also university postgraduate students. The seminar started with a series of talks to introduce the Eudragit product range and the application in tablet coating process. Dr Nagashekhara Molugulu gave a talk on ‘The Application of Pharmaceutical Excipient in Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Product’. IMG-20161006-WA0031 After the theory session, the participants joined a hands-on session coordinated by the product specialist from Evonik Industries. The practical involved the mixing of coating material, stirring and homogenising the coating suspension. The practical session was followed by a Q&A session to address all technical issues faced during the preparation of coating material. The seminar was successfully conducted. Special thanks to Prof Mallikarjuna for his guidance and staff from the various departments from IMU for their support in terms of logistics, refreshments and technical support. Kudos to Lim Wei Meng, Dr Shadab Md, Dr Nagashekhara Molugulu and Dr Venkata Srikanth who were the organising team involved in the arrangement and coordination of the seminar. IMG_20161006_161728

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