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Attachment in Taiwan for IMU Biomedical Science Students

01 Jul 2014

Final year students of the IMU Biomedical Science programme are required to complete their attachment at hospitals or research centres of their choice as part of the requirements of their programme. Three students, Toh Yien Shin, Tan Si Hoey and Leong Chia Inn, took this opportunity to complete their attachment in Taiwan at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) under the IMU Student Mobility Programme.

Taiwan 1

“Having this opportunity to work in a diagnostic laboratory abroad was indeed an eye-opening experience as we had never worked in a hospital laboratory before. The supervisors in TVGH are very kind and helpful. Despite their heavy workload, they made sure that we understood their workflow and the principles of the techniques involved. It was quite hard at first as the primary language used is Chinese. However, we got used to it after a few days. The techniques they perform are similar as what we had learnt in university. With the advancement of technology, most of the tests are performed by instruments. We had the opportunity to be exposed to different types of advanced and sophisticated instruments throughout the two-month attachment. We were truly amazed by the working culture and environment in TVGH. It is one of the great aspects that we should learn and practice here in Malaysia.”

The three students also took the opportunity to visit various tourist spots in Taiwan. They spent their weekends travelling around many of the tourists attractions in Taipei, most of which could be reached by the public transport system in Taiwan, especially the Taipei Metro and bus. “Other places we have visited included the remarkable Taipei 101, Maokong, Shifen (十份), Jiufen (九份) Old Street, Red House Theater in Xi Men Ding, Wu Fen Pu (五分埔), Yehliu GeoPark, Tamsui Old Street and Fisherman’s Wharf.  A visit to Taiwan would be incomplete without visiting their night market and one of our favourite markets is the Keelung Temple Night Market. The cuisines in Keelung Temple Street Night Market are very famous – some examples include shaved ice, tempura and fried sandwiches. Other Taiwan delicacies and snacks include Shihlin Night Market’s XXL Fried Chicken, Tamsui’s Ah Gei (oily bean curd), Tamsui’s Iron Eggs, Yong Kang Street’s mango shaved ice and etc.” “Overall, we are very grateful to have this opportunity to complete our internship in TVGH despite the challenges and difficulties. The whole experience gained makes it all worthwhile.”

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