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Best International Student Award for IMU Medical Alumnus

01 Aug 2016

24 June 2016 – IMU medical alumnus, Dairshini Sithambaram, was awarded “Best International Student” at a graduation ceremony at University of Dundee, UK. Dairshini started her journey towards a career in medicine at International Medical University, Malaysia and then transferred to University of Dundee for completion of her medical degree.

Dairshini said, “Initially, I was really shocked when I found out that I got the award. I always did my best but had little expectations having joined University of Dundee midway through the course. Furthermore, University of Dundee is one of the top medical schools in UK and receiving this award was truly an honour and a wonderful graduation gift especially for my family.”

D1 The conferment of this award is decided by a panel consisting of the Dean and Medical School Board of Examiners. It is given to an undergraduate student in the final year of their study that appears most deserving. The requirement for the award includes both outstanding academic and co-curricular performance. Recalling fondly of her time in IMU, Dairshini said, “IMU had certainly provided me with a strong foundation. The knowledge I had gained in IMU had made the transition to my clinical years easier. More importantly, in IMU I had learnt a lot through the co-curricular activities I was involved in and the people I had met. This helped me grow as a person and build my confidence to carry on even after leaving the country.” D2 “As a student ambassador in IMU, I had the opportunity to revive the IMU Alumni newsletter: Reminiscence. My most memorable moment was our first publication of the newsletter and its subsequent special edition in conjunction with IMU’s 20th anniversary celebration.” “I really enjoyed my time in IMU. IMU had helped me grow in a different way. The IMU community is very closely knit both in Malaysia and abroad. The comfort that it gives you allows you to focus and progress in your ambitions. I was given a lot of opportunity whilst in IMU to pursue my interest in writing, publishing and medical education,” adds Dairshini. Speaking on her time in Dundee, Darshini said, “My time in Dundee is certainly one of the best years of my life. I absolutely love Scotland for the people and the beauty of the country. My initial year was challenging as I was not used to the system nor was I accustomed to the culture. However, the staff and students alike were very supportive. Within a short time, I managed to settle in and fall in love with the place. I have grown a lot as an individual and I am grateful for the experience.” “I was part of a team in the Association for Medical Education Europe (AMEE) developing a course for students interested in medical education. Students involved in teaching are recognised by UK’s General Medical Council and this course was adapted from the successful Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) online course. We worked for a couple of months on the content and delivery of the course. It was truly a proud and fulfilling moment when the pilot course in autumn 2015 attracted more than 150 applicants from around the world including Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. The feedback for the course was great and the course is continuing to run successfully.”

Daishini’s advice to those who wish to be doctors is “Surround yourself only with people who will lift you higher and as Oprah Winfrey once said, “Don’t worry about being successful but work towards being significant and the success will naturally follow.”

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