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IMU Medical Students Spearheaded Launch of Influenza Awareness Campaign in Conjunction with 2024 World Immunisation Week

16 May 2024

Seremban, 19 April, 2024 – Collaborating with the Paediatrics Department of IMU University, MBBS student researchers, Lum Jia Yee, Esther Tan Yi Xuan, Chin Yu Qian, Lee Xin Ni, and Chui Chai Suen, from cohort ME121 initiated an institution-wide Influenza Awareness Campaign with the goal of fostering a culture of prevention and wellness among both staff and students. Central to this endeavour is a vibrant community art installation strategically positioned at the Seremban Clinical Campus, designed to engage, and educate the community about influenza awareness and prevention, in conjunction with the World Immunisation Week from 24 – 30 April 2024.


The Campaign, led by A/Prof Dr Erwin Khoo, aims to increase influenza vaccine uptake among healthcare personnel and students while also examining the factors influencing influenza vaccine acceptance, hesitancy, or refusal. Spanning six months until September 2024, the Campaign aspires to leave a lasting impact.


The launch event took place at the John Bosco Lecture Theatre on 19 April 2024, with Prof Sharifah Sulaiha, Dean of the School of Medicine, officiating. Reflecting on the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, she emphasised the importance of initiatives like this.

Prof James Koh Kwee Choy, Deputy Dean of Clinical Sciences, Development & Community Engagement, and an Infectious Disease Consultant, provided insights on influenza and shared real-life case scenarios highlighting the criticality of influenza vaccination.


Following the informative session, guests and students participated in a symbolic act by leaving their handprints on the wall as part of the community art project, signifying a collective effort.

The Influenza Awareness Campaign serves as a timely reminder of the shared responsibility in promoting health and wellness within the community. Through collaboration, education, advocacy, and empowerment, staff and students can collaboratively mitigate the flu’s impact and cultivate a safer, healthier campus environment for all.

A student researcher involved in organising the campaign underscored the significance of community engagement in promoting flu awareness. In her welcome statement, she remarked, “as future healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to not only treat illness but also to prevent it. By uniting as a community to raise awareness about the flu and the importance of vaccination, we can genuinely safeguard the health and well-being of everyone at IMU”.

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