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Building A More Inclusive Future: Healthcare Professionals and IMU Students Get Hands-on Experience in Wheelchair Assembly

19 Apr 2023

On 5 April 2023, IMU Cares in collaboration with Latter-Day Saint (LDS) Charities, Tasputra PERKIM and Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras (HRC) organised a Train the Trainers Workshop on Wheelchair Assessment and Assemble. The workshop saw the participation of 40 doctors, occupational therapists, and nurses from HRC as well as IMU staff and students.


This capacity-building workshop aims to provide wheelchair fitting assessment and assemble skills that are important for healthcare professionals who work with patients with mobility impairments. By learning these skills, it is hoped that healthcare professionals and students can improve patient outcomes, prevent secondary health issues, and promote the independence and well-being of the disabled community.

The workshop began with an introduction to the initiative by Dr Nurul Hanis Ramzi from the Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation (IRDI) of IMU. Dr Hanis highlighted the fundamental of the project, the type of wheelchairs as well as project goals which include enhancing the experience of wheelchair recipients and improving their quality of life.

Ms Seranade from Tasputra PERKIM briefed the participants on the comprehensive assessment process. Each participant received a detailed evaluation form to assess the recipient’s physical condition, posture, mobility, and seating position to determine the most suitable fitted wheelchair for the individual.


Theeban Voradarajoo from HRC said “I had the opportunity to observe and learn some of the physical assessments. I am impressed by Ms Seranade’s level of detail and precision in her work. She demonstrated a range of techniques to assess motion, muscle strength, and balance. I also learnt to evaluate the fit of the wheelchair and make necessary adjustments to ensure the individual is comfortable and properly supported. Now I feel confident to help patients independently without the help of a therapist”.

The second part of the workshop focused on assembling a fitted wheelchair, with Dr Faizzudin and Dr Suresh as the trainers. “I found that assembling a wheelchair is not that difficult. But it is important to have an experienced trainer to teach a first-timer. Now with the knowledge I gained, I am confident to lend my hand to help the disabled, especially my loved ones”, said Norsoliha Sabry from IMU Research Lab.

The trainers’ ability to communicate effectively with each participant was what caught everyone’s eye, and they provided clear explanations to the participants’ queries during their demonstrations. They also took the time to educate the participants on proper wheelchair maintenance and care. The event ended with a photo session with all the trainers, participants, and volunteers.


Overall, the event was a resounding success. “This is such a valuable and rewarding learning experience for me that in a way will help me as I am becoming a healthcare professional in the future. The trainers’ professionalism and dedication were truly inspiring. It is a newfound appreciation for the importance of proper wheelchair fitting assessment for me. Thank you IMU Cares for this opportunity” said Tharine Jyo Liyn from DN122.

Partnership Excellence in Community Service Award: Wheelchair Champion Initiative 

“Wheelchair Champion Initiative recently won Partnership Excellence in Community Service Award at the IMU University Day 2023. This award is annually given to an IMU community project that emphasises, reinforces, and enhances the importance of humane values and community serving among IMU students and staff. It is hoped that this positive momentum of the project in serving the disabled community will continue for years to come.”

Written by: Tharine Jyo Liyn from DN122.
Reviewed by: Dr Mohamad Siddiq Mohamad from IMU CE

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