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17 Students from First Cohort of Foundation in Science Obtained Distinctions

18 Dec 2014

Foundation in Science (FiS) at the International Medical University (IMU) has its inaugural graduating class in December 2014, with this pioneer cohort stepping foot into the university, embarking on the Foundation in Science programme about 12 months ago. The 48 eager faces filled with anticipation have now completed the very first step of their tertiary journey, with 17 students obtaining distinction, a cgPA of 3.7 and above. Having prepared well for the next chapter in lives, the Foundation in Science students will pursue a degree programme in medical and health sciences of their choice at the University. Of these students 48 students, 2 have been offered to pursue a degree in dentistry, 10 students will be pursuing the medical degree and 6 reading pharmacy. On top of that, 7 of the Foundation in Science students will be pursuing their degree in Chiropractic and 1 student studying her degree in Dietetics with Nutrition. The remaining students of this pioneer cohort are still considering which health science degree they are interested in.

A very big congratulations to these students and all the very best to them!

fs114 (4) a Taught by highly experienced lecturers who have taught  in various pre university programmes, Foundation in Science is a 1-year programme  conducted in 3 semesters. The Foundation in Science programme is awarded by IMU  and offered at the University’s main campus in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. The IMU Foundation in Science takes pride in a curriculum which is holistic, developing varied competencies.

Felicity Ng, having secured a place in the medical programme in IMU, remarked that “My experience as a FiS student has truly been a wonderful one. Exposure and hands-on experiences provided by the programme has allowed me to discover my potentials and has geared me up for my undergraduate degree. Also, in the course of a year, I have met incredible people. For me, this has always been the right choice.”   IMG-20141219-WA0000

The curriculum is tailored to provide smooth transition, from pre-university studies to tertiary education, with subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English for Academic Purposes, Physics for Health Sciences, Computing Studies and Cross Boundary Studies. The standard of Foundation in Science is benchmarked to the standard of local foundation programmes. On top of that, we also engage external examiners who are experienced lecturers in foundation programmes to obtain their feedback on our assessments. Embedded in these subjects, students are taught to reflect on their learning, through Reflective Writing. Students are also taught a very crucial skill of creative problem solving, in the Cross Boundary Studies.

Sharon Chong, also offered a place to pursue medical degree in IMU states that “With the support of my family, helpful guidance by friendly lecturers and a group of awesome friends, I am proud to say that I have finally completed the foundation programme. As a result of the various challenges I have faced, I have become stronger, more refined, and more intelligent. FIS brings me one big step nearer to my dream and it is definitely a right pathway that leads me to next important stage of my life.”

Having been offered a place to pursue his degree in IMU, Tan Vei Xhion said “My year in FiS was a big eye opener for me as I was exposed to new experiences both academically and also socially. Though it has been a fun filled and great year, thanks to awesome friends and amazing lecturers, I have to admit that a year in FIS was indeed challenging. I am very happy to have completed FiS as I am now a step closer to my degree.” FS114 “Somebody said the key to life is to work hard, play hard, rest hard…” (James Patterson). That is how it has been for the Foundation in Science students during this year-long programme. These students had actively participated in clubs, societies, sports and charity events. In these activities, they have had the opportunity to meet with friends from the various degree programmes.

Kesshmita Paranjothi remarked “It’s been a great experience having the opportunity to have done my foundation here in IMU. The lecturers have been so dedicated, always giving me the support I needed in and out of class and we have had the chance to observe the practical sessions for the degree programmes which was indeed a great initiative taken by IMU. I have also met so many new people, and build friendships which I know will last a lifetime. To sum it up, my experience here was priceless.”

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