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A Career as a Product Specialist for IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus

30 Aug 2016

Seow Yi Thern started his studies in Medical Biotechnology at the IMU in 2012 and graduated three years later. He is currently working as product specialist at Science Vision Sdn Bhd. His current job mainly involves providing molecular biology solution particularly the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) chemicals to the customers. SYT2SYT4 “The main driving force to encourage me go all the way to the current position is myself, as I am always aspired to explore extra knowledge as well as soft skills” Yi Thern believes that the IMU Medical Biotechnology programme served as a platform for the students to be well prepared in their future career, as the programme not only covers biotechnology subjects but also medical related knowledge which is an added value for the IMU MB graduates that makes them a notch higher than graduates of general biotechnology. “The best learning experiences I encountered in MB IMU was during the practical session, I really enjoyed the moment when we have practical sessions, particularly biology related practicals”, added Yi Thern whose interest in biology had led him to this career.

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