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Nursing Alumni Return to Work at their Alma Mater

20 Aug 2014

Some students may find it difficult to see past their graduation with a University degree, much less imagine what life would be like as a member of the university alumni. Yet many are dedicated alumni members and some have returned to the University to work in their alma mater. This is what two members of the International Medical University (IMU) nursing alumni did.

One of them, Lai Pei Kuan (fourth from left – front row, standing) is currently working as a Scientific Officer at the University’s Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation (IRDI) and the other, Daphne Foo Tze Wei (second from right – back row, standing), is currently working at the University’s Healthcare Clinics/Centres. These two alumni members share with us their journey from a nursing student to where they are now.

Lai Pei Kuan: 

“The IMU has always been my desired university to pursue my higher education since secondary school. My dream came true when I was awarded the IMU Scholarship to pursue my Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) in this prestigious institution.

peikuan_r1 (2)As I reflect back on my past four years of nursing education, I realised that nursing is a very special profession. Nursing is both an art and science. It is science as it requires a lot of knowledge and its practice is evidence-based. Interestingly, nursing is an art as it is the result of hard work, knowledge, self-dedication, strong values and a high level of morale. In addition, nursing is all about caring and having compassion for the patients. These characteristics are what make the nursing profession so special.

Looking back, I benefited tremendously while being a student in IMU. IMU is well equipped with knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated lecturers in all disciplines who always give their best to the students. Besides this, IMU has offered a very conducive environment for studying. Being an IMU scholar, my welfare had always been well taken care of by IMU. I am very grateful to IMU for giving me such good opportunity.

Being awarded a Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) has led me to discover many job prospects. I have discovered my personal interest in conducting research and subsequently, I opted to pursue my Masters in Medical and Health Sciences (By Research) in IMU after my undergraduate studies. Today I have already graduated from my Masters programme and am now working in IMU as a Scientific Officer. I am eager to continue learning and growing in my research career. I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Daphne Foo Tze Wei:

“The four years of studying in IMU had inspired me to be an independent person and has taught me to think critically. The guidance and teaching from all experienced lecturers and tutors had helped me to work independently in a foreign country. With its excellent training and quality graduates, IMU nurses have been in great demand particularly from our neighboring country, Singapore.

IMG_3793 Throughout my 3 years in Singapore, I was given the opportunity for apprenticeship in the nephrology department, to be trained as a dialysis nurse. Coming back to my alma mater was something I had always wished for and this has also given me the opportunity to further my studies in diabetes education. With the high incidence of people with diabetes suffering from end stage renal failure; this education indeed gives me a better insight on the different types of care that I can give to my clients.”

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