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Careers in Chiropractic

17 Oct 2013

Can you imagine yourself as a member of a healthcare profession that is rapidly expanding throughout the world, including Malaysia? If so, maybe you should consider a career in chiropractic.  Currently in Malaysia there is a growing demand for chiropractic services and so few chiropractors. By North American standards, Malaysia needs over 6,000 more chiropractors so the future is very bright for this profession. Neck adjustmentChiropractors utilise many common medical tests, such as clinical examination, x-rays, and blood tests, to determine the most appropriate care for each patient. The primary objective of chiropractic evaluation is to locate disorders of the segments (vertebrae) of the spine, in which the movement of spinal joints has become restricted. Chiropractors restore normal movement in these spinal joints with a chiropractic adjustment (spinal manipulation) by applying specific forces to the involved joints using the hands or an instrument. A chiropractic adjustment restores the abnormal movement and/or position of the affected joint, which reduces the strain on the surrounding tissues. Thus, correcting joint dysfunction alleviates pain and muscle tightness and permits healing. Chiropractors are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, stress management, and lifestyle counselling, but they do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery. Many chiropractors also use physical therapy modalities, such as massage, ultrasound, electric and heat therapy, as well as the application of structural supports like tapes and braces. Chiropractors have many career options and may choose to practice in a private or group setting or seek employment in a variety of private, educational, and (in some countries) governmental roles. Many chiropractors pursue specialties within the profession, such as orthopaedics, neurology, nutrition, diagnostic imaging, and sports chiropractic. Chiro If you are interested to become a chiropractor, you must undergo a course of study in chiropractic. This is one of the programmes offered at the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and healthcare university founded 21 years ago.

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