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Celebrating 5 Years of Success in Nurturing STARS!

25 Jan 2019

The IMU  Foundation in Science (FiS) recently threw a big birthday bash, celebrating its 5th Birthday. It has been a full 5 years since the programme started in January 2014 and this month marks its 5th anniversary. Over the span of 5 years, the Foundation in Science programme has opened its doors to more than a thousand students, nurturing these hopeful faces into the degree programmes that they are interested in. IMU's Foundation in Science 5th Anniversary Celebrations Recounting the celebration which was held on 11 January 2019 at the IMU Bukit Jalil campus, the day started with a stream of visitors, some of whom had made their way to attend the birthday celebrations all the way from Penang! IMU's Foundation in Science 5th Anniversary Celebrations Visitors were given a personalised campus tour by the IMU Student Ambassadors, followed by science games organised by the faculty and students of FiS. All guests and faculty members of IMU were then treated to a scrumptious lunch. After lunch, Dr James Walsh, Head of the Centre of Pre University Studies gave a brief introduction of the Foundation in Science programme. To better engage with the visitors, they were invited to participate in an online quiz and winners of the quiz were beaming with joy, walking away with mementos from IMU. The celebrations, however, did not stop with the departure of the visitors. In the evening, there was a banquet for alumni and students of Foundation in Science IMU. Many alumni had joined the celebration, including the very first batch of the Foundation in Science students, FS114, some of whom have already graduated from various degree programmes, and some have transferred to the IMU Clinical Campus for the second phase of their medical training. The night was filled with fun and laughter, games, performances and video testimonies.

Video Testimonies
A video from the mother of Tan Vei Xhion who is currently in his 4th year of the dentistry programme mentioned that “Foundation in Science has taught Xhion that learning requires initiatives”.
Parents of Shamir Das, who has graduated from the Psychology programme also graced the event with a short video testimony, saying that “The university environment has helped in Shamir’s success, where Shamir always talked about the great support he received from the lecturers”.
Another video was from Yeap En Leon who is currently in his final year of the chiropractic credit transfer programme in RMIT University. Leon talked about his learning experience in RMIT University,  Australia and how his year in Foundation in Science has helped him in his study skills.
Another FiS graduand, Quek Xin Fei, a final year student of the Biomedical Science programme at IMU, is currently in University of Newcastle for her internship in a research centre. Xin Fei talks about the abundant opportunities in research and  the guidance received during her studies at IMU.

All in all, the celebration was a great success as everyone who came walked away with wonderful memories of the FiS 5 years of success. Related articles: Yeap En Leon: My Journey to Becoming a Chiropractor Shamir Das: Finding Passion in Psychology

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