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Celebrating Excellence in Biochemistry: Medical Biotechnology Students Won Awards at Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar

28 Feb 2024

We are delighted to share the remarkable accomplishments of four Semester Six Medical Biotechnology students from the MB1/21 cohort at the 33rd Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar. Hosted on 9 December 2023 by the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in association with the Malaysian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSBMB), the seminar revolved around the topic, “Biochemistry: From Molecules To Life.” This platform sought to present final year projects in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, and life sciences in general by undergraduate students from local institutions to engage in communication about scientific discoveries and concepts.

The participating contestants include

Low Jun Ying
Emily Wong Yan Yi
Earon Lee Zheng Jian
Rachelle Chin Yuun Yeen

Two outstanding students made IMU proud at the event by winning the most anticipated awards.

Awards Won

Low Jun Ying
Emily Wong Yan Yi

Best Oral Presenter
Best Poster Presenter

Both presenters showcased exceptional communication prowess and articulate delivery through graphical abstracts and intellectual engagement.

The study “Biochemical and Transcriptomics Profiling Analysis of Drought Tolerant Related Genes in ML 82-2 and ML 125-2” presented by Low Jun Ying explored the importance of biochemical and transcriptomics profiling tools. Executed in association with the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, her research verified enhanced agronomic features in novel rice mutant lines, demonstrating her profound knowledge in agriculture as well as precise presentation to communicate scientific complexities. In a nation that relies on importing rice as a main source of food, Low’s project gained a wide range of attention from the audience. As she skilfully fielded challenging questions from the panel of judges, the project further underscored the potential of new rice mutant lines to advance rice agriculture technology in Malaysia.

Emily Wong Yan Yi, the recipient of the Best Poster Presentation award, presented her work, “Computational Approaches in Zika Virus (ZIKV) Vaccine Candidate Designs Utilising Non-Structural Protein” with remarkable visual appeal, inventiveness, and scientific integrity. Viewers were instantly drawn in by the poster’s combination of vivid imagery and well-organised design. Since Aedes mosquitoes are common in tropical and subtropical locations, her research, focusing on computational techniques for vaccine development utilising non-structural proteins, is exceptionally important in Malaysia, where vector-borne diseases are prone to occur.

As it addresses a pressing public health crisis, Emily’s presentation left a remarkable note for its clarity and ability to express scientific intricacies with accuracy.


On a broader perspective, IMU’s achievements by its students highlight the university’s dedication to using transcriptomic techniques and biochemistry to solve a variety of healthcare challenges. The IMU Medical Biotechnology Programme equips students with fundamental research and science communication skills, enabling them to play an integral role as biotechnologists in the healthcare sector. The recognition that our students received resonates with our goal of harnessing science and technology for the betterment of the society.


Celebrated together with the IMU faculty, Emily Wong Yan Yi expressed her gratitude upon receiving the Best Poster Presentation award, stating, “I am truly honoured to be recognised for my work. The visual appeal of the poster was a collaborative effort, and I’m grateful for the support and guidance from my supervisors, Dr Lim Wui Zhuan and Prof Ts Dr Anna Ling Pick Kiong that made this achievement possible.” Her excitement resonated through her words, reflecting the dedication invested in creating a visually captivating presentation.

Low Jun Ying added, “The honour shall also be attributed to my lab mate and course mates, who engaged in scientific discussions and idea generation throughout the project execution. Although hiccups were encountered, the challenges did not hinder our momentum and search for science and meaning.” Her research findings were validated via positive feedback garnered from collaborative agencies and expertise of the field. She expressed her gratitude for the guidance of her supervisor, Prof Ts Dr Anna Ling Pick Kiong.

Our sincere congratulations go to Emily Wong Yan Yi and Low Jun Ying for their merited victories in this seminar. Their outstanding accomplishments not only honour each of them personally but also demonstrates the commitment of our university to biochemical academic excellence. Let their accomplishments encourage and reinforce our commitment to creating an atmosphere where talent flourishes, pushing limits and making significant contributions, while we celebrate their achievement. Kudos to Emily and Jun Ying for being outstanding examples of the high standards our university holds.

About the Medical Biotechnology Programme at IMU

The Medical Biotechnology Programme at IMU offers a variety of laboratory practices related to contemporary healthcare concerns, supporting our goal of advancing society’s health and wellbeing. The outstanding accolades of our students reaffirm our dedication to foster an environment where talent flourishes and makes meaningful contributions. Quoting the infamous line – “What matters is your will”, we believe our students may thrive in the field of research and development, contributing to society as professional science personnels. With this, we applaud and encourage students to grab available opportunities as stepping stones to broaden horizons and preview ventures in the world after academic pursuits.

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