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IMU Nutrition Staff and Students Shine at NSM 38th Annual Scientific Conference

08 Aug 2023

Heartiest congratulations to the IMU Nutrition staff and students for obtaining awards and presenting at the 38th Scientific Conference with the theme “From ‘Sick Care’ to Wellness – Healthy Nutrition is Key” at Swiss Garden Hotel Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.  This is an annual conference organised by the Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) where nutritionists nationwide and internationally gather to present their research findings and obtain scientific updates from local and international presenters.


One of the acknowledgements and award received by IMU Nutrition students was the Undergraduate Thesis Prize awarded to Lee Chiu Ying from cohort NT119 with her thesis entitled “Knowledge and Attitude on Salt Iodisation programme among Malaysian adults in Klang Valley, Malaysia”. Despite the introduction of universal salt iodinisation programme in Malaysia, her findings reported unsatisfactory knowledge and attitude regarding the programme, highlighting the need for nutrition education and health promotion activities on the use of iodised salt. Chiu Ying was supervised by Dr Megan Chong, the Programme Director of the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Nutrition in IMU and A/Prof Dr Tan Kok Leong.

Undergraduate Thesis Prize

Lee Chiu Ying (NT1/19)

Title: Knowledge and attitude on salt iodisation programme among Malaysian adults in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Supervisors: Dr Megan Chong (Main Supervisor), A/Prof Dr Tan Kok Leong (Co-supervisor)

“Winning the esteemed thesis prize at the NSM Conference is an incredible achievement that fills me with immense gratitude and excitement. I am deeply grateful to my supervisor, Dr Megan, for her unwavering support and encouragement throughout my research journey. This recognition holds profound meaning for me as it represents the hard work and commitment I have put into my thesis.” 

“I am also grateful to IMU for fostering an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration, which has played a significant role in my growth as a researcher. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and the recognition it brings, and I am excited to see where it takes me next,” says Lee Chiu Ying (NT119).


In addition, Dr Yong Heng Yaw, a Nutrition Lecturer in IMU was awarded the NSM Publication Prize and presented her impressive research and work funded by the World Diabetes Federation in this conference, highlighting the need to curb excessive gestational weight gain which could lead to further health complications during and post-pregnancy.

NSM Publication Prize: Physical Activity and Postprandial Metabolism Responses

Dr Yong Heng Yaw

Title:  High physical activity and high sedentary behavior increased the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus among women with excessive gestational weight gain: A prospective study

The conference also provided a platform for oral and poster presentation competitions for undergraduate and postgraduate categories respectively. For postgraduate category, Erica Ooi Ming Yi, a Nutrition Master student won the Consolation Prize at the Young Researcher’s Symposium while the undergraduate category was won by Amanda Lim Wen Hui from the cohort of NT121.

Young Researchers' Symposium – Consolation Prize

Erica Ooi Ming Yi (Postgraduate Master Student)


Title:  Haemoglobin, HbA1C level and nutritional status among pregnant women on haematinics and its association with birth weight of neonates among selected urban B40 population group: A prospective cohort study


Supervisors: A/Prof Dr Snigdha Misra (Main Supervisor), Dr Tan Seok Shin, A/Prof Rokiah Don, A/Prof Rosnah Ismail (Co-supervisors)

“It was an unforgettable and fruitful experiential learning opportunity for being nominated to present at Young Researcher Symposium. It allowed me to share my study findings with experts and obtained valuable feedback from them. It also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to speak in public, boost my confidence level and improve my critical thinking skills. I was immensely grateful to have a very supportive supervisor and co-supervisors! I strongly encourage students from the research year to share their study findings at the conference, because you get to learn new things and skills outside of the book knowledge, ” says Erica Ooi, Postgraduate Master student (Nutrition).

Poster Competition - Consolation Prize

Amanda Lim Wen Hui (NT1/20)

Title:  Ultra-processed food consumption and its contribution to energy and macronutrients intake among university students in Klang Valley

Supervisors: Prof Norimah Abdul Karim (Main Supervisor), Dr Sangeetha Shyam, Dr Yang Wai Yew, Dr Serene Tung En Hui (Co-supervisors)


“Attending NSM conference for the first time was an exhilarating and enriching experience. Winning the prize for the poster presentation filled me with immense gratitude and happiness.”

“I owe this achievement to the unwavering support and guidance of my supervisors, Dr Sangeetha, Prof Norimah, Dr Yang Wai Yew, and Dr Serene Tung, whose mentorship played an important role in shaping my research. This opportunity not only allowed me to showcase my work but also strengthened my presentation skills, leaving me more confident and inspired to contribute further to the field of nutrition. I am truly grateful for this remarkable experience that will undoubtedly shape my academic journey ahead,” says Amanda Lim Wen Hui (NT120).

IMU N&D are proud of the wonderful achievements that our students and faculties have achieved thus far, and the team will continue to upskill within themselves to uphold the legacy of the leading private medical and health sciences university in the country. Heartiest congratulations to the N&D department for achieving greater heights from one year to another!

Written by Dr Serene Tung

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