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Driven by Dedication: My Medical Degree Journey

14 Nov 2023

IMU has always been my first choice to continue my medical degree. Knowing that it’s highly reputable in this private medical education arena, I have no doubt I would learn a lot here. The five years journey of medical school is undoubtedly arduous, but also incredibly rewarding. The process of absorbing vast amounts of information and also acquiring clinical skills were very challenging but also fulfilling.


My clinical years were one of the most memorable days I have spent throughout this medical journey. It was an eye-opening journey that has taught me many lessons in not only clinical sciences but also personal development.

Being able to experience 4 different hospitals across different states such as Negeri Sembilan and Johor has provided me with the opportunity to understand various diverse socio-economic status of patients. This has helped me to be a more compassionate and empathetic doctor.

Besides, the intense clinical training in IMU has equipped me with much confidence to go through the real training later during housemanship. The hours we spent in the hospitals talking to patients, assisting in procedures and also gaining new knowledge through ward rounds have prepared us to the real world.  Furthermore, the immense support by our family members, lecturers, IMU staff and friends have definitely made everything bearable. The knowledge and support they have imparted to me throughout this journey has shaped me to be who I am today.


In this medical school too, IMU has allowed me to venture into things beyond the medical field. I was able to occupy my time by joining policy making competitions, being part of the organising committee of conferences and also joining various humanitarian work. I believe medical school is not limited to the stacks of medical books but also the world beyond it. To understand the world better, I stepped out and explored the world in different perspectives.

While Waiting for Housemanship.........

At the moment, while waiting for housemanship, I have decided to take a break by traveling around the world such as exploring Seoul and soon Tokyo after five years of dedicating my time to medical school.


At the same time, I’m also joining as a peer facilitator for IMU Cardiac Life Support Workshop with A/Prof Thiruselvi and Dr Ann Jee in IMU Clinical Campus Seremban. I am also helping the new clinical juniors (Semester 6 and 7) by providing them some guidance transitioning into clinical school through Consultoid. Teaching has always been my passion, hence, through this platform I am able to share my knowledge with others.


I also took this opportunity to expand my interprofessional skills beyond medical school by joining conferences as speaker and also moderator. Recently, I was involved as the plenary speaker for 16th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC) 2023.

My Future Plans

As someone who always pushes herself beyond her comfort zone, I have always aspired to be a renowned physician in Malaysia. I would like to continue my housemanship in Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban, and gather as much knowledge as I can before I sit for MRCP Part 1 in the second year of housemanship.


At the same time, I would also want to continue my passion in helping the underserved communities by actively involved in humanitarian work such as with IMU Cares Bukit Jalil, MERCY and other NGOs too. It has always been my dream to see the world in a better place.

To All New Aspiring Medical Students

Medicine is an ever-evolving field. Stay curious, ask questions and seek to understand. However, you should also manage your time well, and discover the world beyond medical school. Take time to join various humanitarian activities that would teach you various perspectives of lives. Challenges will be abundance, but they are the opportunities to grow. Don’t be discouraged by failures as those will make you stronger.

Written by Raja Nur Shahkeerah binti Raja Kamarul Zaman who graduated with her medical degree at IMU on 4 November 2023.


She is the recipient of the Dr Tan See Leng Award of Leadership which is given to a graduating IMU MBBS student who showed outstanding engagement and performance academically and in the professional and personal development through active participation, engagement, advisory and leadership.

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