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CM Week 2023: Unlocking the Secrets of Chinese Medicine

15 Nov 2023

This year, the Chinese Medicine (CM) Week 2023 committee comprising of Chinese Medicine students at IMU, put forth an exceptional effort to organise a series of activities for the public to experience various CM therapeutic methods, including Tuina and cupping, ear acupressure, pulse taking diagnosis and more! The event also featured booths offering exclusive merchandise, food, herbal soups, and tea. The festivities kicked off with enthusiasm under the impressive overhanging huge Yin-Yang logo.

Day One

The first day of the event kicked off with a grand opening ceremony, setting the stage for an exciting three days ahead.

Honored by the presence of various VIPs including Vice-Chancellor & CEO of IMU Education, Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Deputy Director of Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCAM), Dr Janice Chan Vey Lian, Head of Chinese Medicine Department, Dr Wong Zhi Hang, and sponsor representative from Xi Group, Mr Anthony Wong, the ribbon cutting ceremony took place, followed by exciting performances.


Students from secondary schools were also invited to join a Chinese medicine herbal recipe competition, and, as a reward, they were then presented with an informative workshop to introduce the basics of Chinese medicine. Their posters were put up at the exhibition booth and many were impressed by their creativity.

Mr Anthony later delivered an informative talk discussing male sexual health using the holistic approaches of TCM. The session also addressed common concerns and provided valuable insights on how Chinese medicine can contribute to the overall well-being.

Day Two

The second day was packed with more interactive and enlightening activities. The day started off with Dr Hea Ai Sim delving into the topic dysmenorrhea in Chinese medicine. Specialising in gynaecology, she generously shared on the treatment modalities and recommended care practices.


After that, an exciting exchange of ideas took place as two speakers, Dr Wong Hon Foong and Dr Olivia Tee Hui Yew, explored the disease of hypertension from both Western and Chinese medicine perspectives. They discussed about the myths, underlying causes, treatment strategies and more. Participants also had the opportunity to witness fire cupping and moving cupping as demonstrated by the seniors of CM219.


The day concluded with an incense bag workshop. This hands-on experience allowed attendees to create their own traditional incense bags, promoting a deeper understanding of Chinese herbal remedies and their significance.

Day Three

The final day of IMU CM Week 2023 was marked by a closing ceremony, a celebration of the successful event. Attendees enjoyed cultural performances and a thrilling lucky draw which added an element of excitement and anticipation! All thanks to the sponsors, Xi Group TCM Centre, Teck Aun Medical Factory, Homwell Enterprise, and Signature Market, for their generous support towards the event.

Finally, the event ended with a Qi Gong workshop directed by Sara Low to foster harmony in the body and mind. The Qi Gong method taught was specifically tailored to address contemporary stress challenges. A group photo of all the CM students and lecturers was then taken, marking the end to the annual event.

IMU CM Week 2023 has successfully achieved its objectives of spreading awareness on the wonders of Chinese medicine to the public, offering interactive experiences and the chance to learn about holistic health approaches that can benefit individuals and communities alike.

A Note of Appreciation

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our esteemed advisors, Mr Sng, Ms Lim, and Ms Goh, for their invaluable guidance throughout the arduous process of preparing for this event. I am also appreciative of the assistance provided by the event manager’s subcommittee member, Yingqi, who has dedicated late hours to collaborating with me in the strategic planning of all the events.


Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the main committee of IMU CM Week 2023, as well as all the event helpers. It is important to acknowledge that without their invaluable cooperation and teamwork, the successful organisation of these activities was impossible.


During our recent Chinese Medicine Week at the university, the overwhelming success and reach of our event would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We are deeply grateful to Signature Market for their unwavering backing; Homwell Enterprise for their steadfast commitment; Xi Group for believing in our vision; and Eagle & Pagoda Brand Teck Aun Medical Factory Sdn. Bhd. for their enduring support. Their contributions not only amplified our efforts but also enriched the experience for all attendees. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them for joining hands with us in promoting the invaluable legacy of Chinese medicine.

Choo Jiann Yuan CM221 : Personal Reflection on Events:

The theme for IMU CM Week 2023 is centred around the concept of the interconnectedness of all things.  Throughout the years, public talks were effectively coordinated as a component of Chinese Medicine Week. This year, we plan to enhance our event by implementing a forum discussion segment. This addition aims to facilitate our audience’s comprehension of the integration of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine on hypertension.


We also facilitated a workshop centred around the creation of DIY incense bags. The primary objective of this workshop is to foster the promotion of a traditional incense bag originating from China to Malaysia. According to modern research, wearing an incense bag has the function of enhancing the body’s ability to resist diseases and aid in the avoidance of illnesses.


On the final day, an additional Qi Gong workshop is included in the event. This workshop is designed to reduce stress, promote resilience, strengthen the immune system, and achieve emotional equilibrium via the utilisation of this ancient mind-body exercise.

Written by CM 221 Choo Jiann Yuan , CM220 Jovonna Yap,  CM221 Kong Wei Sheng and CM121 Chong Chee Yin (CM Week 2023 committee members)

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