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From An IMU Medical Biotechnology Degree to a Successful Career

23 Jun 2015

A medical biotechnology alumnus, Liew Wee Sam, who graduated in 2011, is currently working as a Technical Sales Executive in LCP Supplies (M) S/B. His responsibilities are to identify, manage and secure the existing accounts while continuing to explore for the potentials in the fields of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, and to develop, educate and share the knowledge with the provision of different chemicals. Liew Wee Sam 4 “At IMU, besides being well taught in academics throughout the 3 years, I had the opportunity to involve myself into different kind of activities, including annual sports events and talent competitions, and they helped me to enhance not only my leadership skills but also the importance of solidarity.

“I am grateful that I chose IMU as it offered us a good environment and has the best team to support the students in many ways. The diverse of knowledge and professionalism has spurred me to continue my services toward communities in future.”

Shia Bee Gek Working as a Chemist in an oil palm company, Shia Bee Gek, who is involved in implementing MS ISO 17025:2005 management system in daily analysis of lab samples, said, “I have always dreamt of becoming a medical biotechnologist and I am able to realise my dream when I found International Medical University (IMU), one of the renowned medical universities in Malaysia. I enjoyed studying at IMU under experienced and passionate professors and lecturers. It provided a well facilitated study environment, including an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited research laboratory for us to conduct our final year research projects.”

“Besides learning how to develop pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that will benefit the society through the use of biotechnology, cell and tissue engineering, genomics and molecular diagnostic, and nanotechnology, IMU also prepared us well in facing the hectic future working environment. Good laboratory skills and knowledge in MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 had prepared me well for my existing career.”

Teh Teh Su Keen, another medical biotechnology alumnus, chose to work in insurance. She is currently working as a business processing associate at AIA Shared Services and her job is to process minor claims such as medical and accident claims. She chose to study medical biotechnology because she likes science and found out that medical biotechnology is specifically more on human science that is quite attractive and can be applied to real life. During her pursuing of medical biotechnology degree, Su Keen enjoyed l the practical sections as it improved her understanding of the topics taught.

“The medical knowledge I gained helps me to learn and handle all those medical terms and cases more easily.”

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