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Cooking Skills Honed in IMU Foundation in Science

16 Aug 2017

14 July 2017 – It is not every day that a Foundation in Science (FIS) student gets to cook in the Nutrition and Dietetics Laboratory, let alone compete in a cooking competition. However, this was made possible for the Foundation in Science students at IMU. Recently, the Nutrition and Dietetics with Nutrition programmes organised a cooking competition for the IMU FiS students. The aim of the competition is to help FiS IMU students discover their talent, passion and interest in the Nutrition or Dietetics with Nutrition programme.

It was a fun filled afternoon in the Nutrition and Dietetics Laboratory in which Foundation in Science students were assigned to a work bench (fully equipped kitchen) each, guided by a senior student from the Nutrition or Dietetics with Nutrition programme. The students had to dish out a creative and healthy meal with the ingredients provided, within a time given.

Like the Masterchef competition, the students very quickly grab ingredients they needed and soon, the ‘kitchen’ is filled with the sounds of chopping and clanking of pots and pans. To add a twist to the competition, each team was given an extra compulsory ingredient (tofu) into their creation. But that is no hindrance to the teams. By the end of the competition, all teams served up their creations at the judges table and voila! There was a healthy dish of chicken rice with soup, pancake burger with chicken and tofu patty, stir fry spaghetti and western breakfast with tofu incorporating scramble eggs along with a glass of juice! The judges had a tough time deciding on the winner as all creations were absolutely delicious and creative.

What an amazing experience for the Foundation in Science students!

The Foundation in Science at IMU does not only prepares the students academically for the tertiary education, but it also gives the students a holistic learning experience and exposure to the various learning spaces at IMU.

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